Monday, July 2, 2012

July 2, 2012

hey! how are yalls. dont worry about last week. i understand our technology seems more and more out of this world the longer youve been in it hahahahaha.

but seriously dont worry avbout it. im still alive here in madagascar. and havin a blast while im at it! haha. i really do love it here. me and my new companion get along great! and i just met my new mission president over this past weekend. not for very long. my first interview with him is on tuesday so im excited for that. but we did have a fireside with him sunday night and he is a really good guy. obviously called by god. they said they met uncle bob and aunt fran in the MTC. they are so lucky!!!!!!! mission presidents get to do alot of mingling and such with the 12 and the prophet. its pretty cool. wich is way cool.

so hesston just rocked it in the bmx thing huh!? i knew he would! that kid is a stud! haha wish i would have been there to see it but thats alright! sounds like dad is just having a blast with hesston lately!!! thats so fun. i bet hesston is just loving it!!!! and dad just feels like a kid again!!! oh! happy canada day!!!!!!!! hahahahahhaa they dont really celabrate that one here..... but im sure we will have some fun on july 4th lol. and im glad work is doing good! one of your employees got encarcerated today!? hahahhaha its been a long time since ive heard that word. what did he do!? i bet it didnt say that on his ressume...... lol i hope its nothin serious. oh so my pdays are on mondays perminantly! so dont worry bout it. emily decied to work for you now!? thats good! keep her busy and get her some money. hahahha shell have fun cutting up all the birch. hey make sure to save some for me emily!! haha. and does davis have his licence yet or is he just your little helper guy right now?

i am doing good. just workin hard here in madagascar. we still have a full area and proselite a tone but we just take kids to the hospital and transfers and airport runs and such. and whatever else the couple missionaries need. so that takes up some more of our time. and we get to work a little closer with the president wich is cool. so this pday we went to another zoo where you actually get to play with there animals hahaha. so i wxill send you all the pictures of me and the monkeys and the snakes and everything. it was way fun!!!! we fed the lemurs held lizards and snakes and watch a crocedile and a chicken fight!! the chicken lost... and the croc is full. my area here now betongolo is really good. lots of work that can be done. its one of the oldest wards here wich is a good and bad thing. good cause it runs itself but bad cause there are alot of less actives... so thats always fun. we have been having a hard time getting investigators to church lately but we are focusing alot on it in the next week so hopefully that makes a difference. the problem here is that we have grown a habit of teaching them and makeing baptism the goal. but that is not our goal. we always say we do not look for baptisms. we look to give eternal life. wich is so true. because really that is what we are all trying to recieve. eternal life with our heavenly father again. our focus used to be baptism but it cant be baptism it has to be life eternal with our families. thats the only way to get true success as a missionary. i love you all and am glad you are doing good! thats all i can think to write today but i am good and love the lord. stay strong and always look for oportunities to teach. and i would love to see brother lambert over here and have him take me out to some goood cookin!!!!!!! hahahahaha

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