Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012

hey! so you may or may not get pictures this week becaues i need to go in about 10 minutes. haha so i will just tell you about my week and such and then be off. but i may get another chance to email today and send pictires! ok so this week was interesting. tusday night one of the APs had an emergency apendoptamy (appendectomy) so we had to go to the hospitle. and then that took up our hole week. because it was an AP president was going to tomatave about 7 hours away on thursday but the one AP couldnt go with him so my cpompanion elder barkclay took his place and went to tamatave all week while i stayed here and hung out at the hospital till friday then with the sick elder all the way till sunday. so i didnt really do much haha. just took care of elder cusick. wich is alright. its amazing how the lord blesses you. even though our area didnt get much attention this week there were 10 investigators who came to church instead of the 2 we had the previous week. so those are definate blessings from the lord!! so that was way cool! so that was my week! hahaha not much special. all though i did get a chance to watch the movie 17 miricals while the sick one was sleeping! i HIGHLY recomend that movie to everybody in the world! it brought the water a couple times... hahaha definatly one of my favorites ever.

so it sounds like you guys are having a fairly quite life! whoda thunk right? but im sure its nice! not much about work this week so i am sure it is going good. im glad none of the girls got hurt on the trail ride! thats always a good thing. if they are going to have a business like that trail ride they should really take time to clear the trail of any dead fall and such and check for bees nests so that they dont have that broblem of horses getting spooked. but i think those trail horses are pretty good horses anyways. just follow in a line. not to much to jump around about. haha and emily dont be scared about driving to regina! itll be a good experience! just drive safe! and youll have a ton of fun with lyndi! and kasper! i hear that kid is freakin awesome! but i gotta go so i love you all a ton and always look to the lord!

be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates!

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