Monday, July 9, 2012

July 9, 2012

hey!! so how you all doing!? 

i am doing good here. just workin hard! haha sounds like you all hare having a good time back at home what with work and what not! so the computer i am on will not send pictures!! sorry!! but youll have to wait till next week to get those!!!  sounds like you guys have been having a blast back at home with hesston! it was nice seeing my dirtbike again in those pictures!! hahaha i miss that thing. i coulda used it in my last area as well. oh well! just like 13 months left. tomorrow.... hahaha no i am really not counting but its hard not to remember that your mission started on the tenth... lol and i do love it here. and dad mom told me hesston had shot like 6 and you got 2....... so i dont know all this i shot 6 dead before i even woulded one stuff is...... you dont have to lie about killing stuff... i know you used to be a good shot... hahahahahah just kidding. i wanna go shoot some gophers so bad right now haha. it would be fun. and its amazing how things always seem to work out when it comes to work and stuff. but when are you going to fire this james guy. jail, 2 in the morning texts.... its about time he split hahahha. im sure he already has. and if melony and jamie wanna know how its like so bad over here tell them to get there butts down here and visit me!!! haha they are close enough. they just have to fly straight down....... pretty much haha. freak brady i home now to!! thats crazy........ hard for me to believe really. you gunna recroute hime to work as well haha. you should.... but i think i remember that he is gunna jump right into byu i. thatll be good for him. 

but in the office i am pretty much just the arron (errand)  boy.... i do alll sort of hospital runs with sick missionaries, airport runs. anything that the office couple cant do we do for them... wich is pretty interesting to say the least hahaha it just puts a little more on our plate... we dont get to travel around the country like the APs... we do all the little managerial stuff... hahaha and i learn alot from it. its just a challange jugling our schedual because we have a ward and a branch in our area so we have to work with both of them while working in the office as well haha. its heckic!!!! its funny though. we went to the airport to pick someone up that went to south africa. it wasnt a missionary it was a malagasy getting his endownments out. so i was driving him to whereever he needed to go and because of his wonderful direction giving skills i got pulled over....... by a malagasy policeman. and the police force over here is very dirty. they take bribes and get money like its there job!!!! hahahahaha so he starts yelling at me and stuff telling me i have to go get my licence back from such and such place at this and that time on a certain day and pay a fine to get it back and as he was writing the ticket i asked him if we new what we did for work.. in a very sturn voice he said "what is your work" several times... then calmly i told him we are missionaries from the church bringing eternal life... then he said "what church!" and i gave hime the whole ny fiangonan' i jesoa kristy ho an' olomasin'ny andro farany speel and then he excitedly asked me to pray for him and handed me back my information and i went on my way hahahahah so the church is true people. hahaha it was quite comical. so the mission office is right in my area. like its part of my area. so thats cool. and the new mission president is very diffrent but still a very good man. he is old haha. and very serious most of the time. not as enthusiastic as president donnelly but still a very inspired man ment to be here hahaha. and i love him. so ya my life is always going here in madagascar now with a hospital visit or something. hahaha or trying to re arrange our program 20 times a week hahaha. i love it. i love the lords tender mercies like softening the heart of a police officer. and i love the lord. he is everything i look forword to. he is my ultamite goal. and he will always forgive those his children. as long as we love him and keep his commandments. 

be fitiavana mandrakizay 
elder betsyleo

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