Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012

haha the beach is good!!! i havent actually been there yet but i am going to go sip a coconut on the beach right after i am done emailing! so i am pretty excited for that concidering the only time i have ever been to the beach was when we were in organ when i was like 9. all i remember from that is climbing one of the lifegaurd towers and ripping my shirt and mom saying it was ok cause we were beach boys hahahaha. but it is nice and hot over here and sunny all the time. wich is great. but the rain is comming and then it will be wet 24/7! wich is allright. caise it will also be hotter than that one place people like to think exists.......... hahahahhaha so i will get tan! haha. woo hoo! haha except not because we get so many times (referrals?) here that we are always in houses sweating awayy. wich is even better than getting tan! seriously. theres nothing better than giving people the oportunity for eternal happiness. and the spirit is so powerful when we do that with real intent. not just frivilty. oh! so we got here by bus. its a big bowing bus that comes here because there is alot of people who travel back and forth. the tickets are a little more expensive on the big bus but its worth it!! and i traveled with 2 others who got transfered the same time as i did. we went at night and left at 530. didnt pull into tomatave till 330 at night. that was a ruf trip!! the raod is just super windy and we hat a tire blow. it was so funy. once it went all you here is just a malagasy many panicing like he is going to die..... screamiong. and finally realizees that there is nothing wrong and we pull over and change the tire. just a little silly if yotu ask me. but i will send you pictures of all that stuff. the climate here is different. there are more palm trees and stuff. but the culture isnt to much different. just a couple little things taht arent the same.

haha that is how you spell hery over here. it means strength and is a very popular name. that man is amazing! i didnt even get to say goodbye to him... oh well!! that is the lfe of a missionary!!! oh so thankyou dad for your words! i really appreciate it and i hope you know that it is because of your extrodinary example of faithfullness and endurence that i am becoming who i am. and it is what brought me to this point on our mission. you and mom are one of the greatest examples i could ever have in my life.

so granpi bought a tractor so that you didnt have to drive out there with the trailor or something? haha you can just go and mow it with his tractor? or is he gunna mow it!? hahahaha thats cool that granpi got a tractor! and great of you to fix it for him! its a good thing  you noticed that oil leak while it was at the house and not when it was out at granpis house! that woud have been tiring!! and why are mitch and the other guy quiting so early?? thats no fun! it makes it a pain in the but for you! that sucks. but you allways seem to get around situations like this somehow! so i am not to worried about it! haha i am sure emily will not give you any flack at all!!!! i am glad you guys are having fun though! dont forget though because i send you pictures you gotta send me some!!! lol. its nice to see them.

well i cant really think of much else to talk about. i miss you all!! i am doing way good!

be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates!!

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