Monday, June 25, 2012

June 25, 2012

hey yall! so i didnt get any emails from you this week! all i got was the pictures. i will just send you these pictures and tell you houw i am doing!
i am doing good! haha work here is great. being back in tana is pretty dang dirt and stinky cause its the 3rd dirtiest city in the whole wide workd. right? so thats no fun sometimes buit i am learning alot. i got here thursday and have been working my butt off. me and elder barkclay are having a really good time figureing things out. cause he has already been on a mission for over a year but was origionally called to reunion wich is french speaking so he is WAY good at french. but the problem is nobody really speaks french over here......... hahahah so he is struggleing to learn malagasy as fast as he can but he has only been over here for a month and a half now or something. not a long time. so i do most all the talking and the teaching. which is tiring. he also doesnt know the area the best right now cause his old companoin didnt really tell him much of anything. so he just kinda gets me to the investigators house and we figure it out hahahahha. way fun. and a huge learning experience! so i am trying my best to do the work of the lord. there is an older women in my area who just got very burnt by hot water. so we are going to be going to give her a blessing tonight if you could all keep her in your prayers. i would apreciate it. its malagasy canada day tomorrow so things over here are pretty crazy. fire works and explosives all over the place! i had a kid through one at mle and it blew up in my face!! not the funnest hahahaha. oh well. so we probably wont be able to work very much tomorrow. a nother oh well haha. my new calling as an office missionary is interesting. i am now incharge of like all the travel in the mission other than the mission presidents travel. and all the hospital trips and airport trips. its way fun hahahaha. kinda a head ache on top of a full area but hey whats life if its not hard!! congrats to hesston for winning provincials!!! thats way freakin cool!! im so proud of him! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY DALLIN! write me a letter you punk! i gotta go though we are going to go to the fosa park today for pday.... woo hoo!!!!!! hahahaha lobe you all tons. write me an actuall email next week lol
be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates

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