Monday, April 30, 2012

April 30, 2012, with pictures!

hello yall! what bez happinen? 

so i guess i will start with the new with me. this past week has been good. we dont have to prepare for an open house or anything anymore so most of of our time is devoted to the work now wich i like better. thats one thing that i dont like here is that if there is any sort of activity the missionaries end up doing it all and being in charge.... the church still leans on us pretty hard for things sometilmes. i guess its cause it is still fairly new here. but we have 9 baptisms in manandona this saturday. it will be pretty cool. they are all river baptisms and stuff so thatll be fun. and then right after that my companion will head up to tana with his bags all packed for america... so i will get yet another new companion. hopefully i get along with him as much as me and smith got along. elder smith is a great missionary and i learned alot from all his expierience. i was lucky to be his last companion. other than that i have had fn trying to keep the work going strong. our area is so country side that it is difficult sometimes. its like tracting in the town of ardrossan but the church being at our house.... and nobody has cars. so its hard to get people to come. but 2 new investigators that i tracted into came yesterday so there is hope! hahaha

but it sounds like life at home is going miadana. or slowly but smoothly. wich is good. mom told me emily got yet another tri in her last rugby game! thats way freakin awesome! dont give your coach an excuse to pull you out emily! work hard! you make me proud! haha. i wish i could come cheer from the sidelines! oh well i will soon enough. also thanks for the scriptures mom and have fun with spring cleanups!! haha im sure dad will with his new trailer!! now why didnt we think to by that thing a couple years back huh? lucky butt. 

tell spencer i feel for him! i know he is going to be a great missionary and that the lord gives us trials to strengthen us. this will make his mission so much more worthwhile! and i know that kid will kill it in the field. 

i havent yet recieved the package you all sent but im sure its on its way. and no i dont do nearly as many km on the bike now that we have a car. but im still stayin fit! haha. and the open house went good! everybody who sang was very good and there were about 150 people show up. so it was well worth it! haha 

and the last thing new here that i really like is a challange given to us by my mission presidnt. its called celestial may. we want perfect obedience for the month of may. now you all may think that missionaries are perfect all the time but we are still human and there is always something we can improve on.  so that is our misison goal for the month of may. and i will like to extend that challange to all people who wish to accept. its celestial may. you dont have as many rules and ristrictions as a missionary but there is still always something to improve. so try to have a celestial month. do all in your power to do everything right. as our savior would do it. be the latter day saint you want to be deep in your heart. repent if needs be. if you have repented stay clean. hold your head high knowing you are following in your saviors footprints. and if you stive to do so i can promise so many blessings in your life. i know i will try. will you?  

so the number you all are going to call me at is xxxxxxxxxxx. it should work. i dont know a time yet but i will let you know! it will either be the night before mothers day or the morning of. but i will keep you updayed.

eniary! mazo miasa! i love you all tons and cant wait to talk to you all in a couple of weeks!

be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates

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