Monday, April 16, 2012

April 10,2012

(sorry I thought i posted it last week, turns out I forgot.)

hello family!

so i cant write a ton cause i dont have a lot of time to email! as you all know it was easter this past weekend and not one cyber was open. they were all out getting drunk... woo hoo celibrating the ressurection of man by killing yourself........ i smell irony.... hahahha but its ok i guess. i saw a lot of things i dont like about the natural man this week. but all it really did was strengthen my testamony. im glad you all had fun on your holiday! and i hope the easter bunny brought some good chocolate! hahaha. i dont think he stops by madagascar. but thats ok. by the way i bet wtching mom in that bouncie house was freakin priceless!!! hahaha the video looked fun! im sure those kids love it. i smell hot dogs right now but its probably just some street meat. and yes it is as delicious as it sounds hhaha. but thanks for the pictures and the letters. i really do apreciate it. i bet youall are anxcious to here about my life here in mada but nothing much has changed. we have an open house on april 21st here in antsirabe and i am singing 2 solos :S aha but luckely they are in english so no problem if i mess up cause nobody else but other missionaries can understand! hahaha. but itll be giid. elder smith and i are working hard. i am getting the hang of this missionary ork i think hahaha ;) i love it. i feel the spirit the strongest when i testify. which i do alot. but i can feel the truthfullness in my words. wich experience i have never had in my life befoore my mission. but it is amazing. i recently did a study of jacob chapter 5. about the olive tree. it is an amazing read. i love it. it makes the view of god and the savior so clear. so many times does the lord of the vineyard say it grieveth me that i should lose the tree or trees of my vineyard. but he wants nothing but good fruit. he desires to destroy it and start a new but his servant always asks him to preserve it a little longer. then the lord comants the servent to get other servants and work dillegently with all there might to bring forth good fruit unto the lord that he might keep it for himself. tfor the season soon cometh. and in the end because they did what the lord desired good fruit was brought forth. we are his servants who have been called to labour dillegently with all of our might for the work of the lord. i can testify of that. we are not many but few in the great skeam of ths earth. we lust labour with all our might that the roots and the top of the tree may be of equal strength. i know this to be true and that the lord wishes that he can take all children unto him again as good fruit. so please strive dillegently! i love you all and i love the lord my god!

be fitiavana mandrakizay

elder bates!

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