Monday, April 23, 2012

April 23, 2012

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so im not really starving dad...... but not going to lie i said that so that it would be done as soon as possible! and i am getting skinnier but that doesnt mean im starving!! it just means im healthier. and that the worms in my tummy are always full.... hahahahhaa no but seriously im doing good. i can do a pull up!!!!! ya i know right. first time ever im my life. and im still a big boy.... so im gettin there! hahhaa but ya life here is good. 

sounds like life back at home is just roling along. wich is good to here. sweeping parking lots is always just a bundle of fun! hahaha but i do kinda miss work. but the work im doin now is way better. and i do still get to work with my hands a little. this morning me and elder smith got up at 5:30 and left the house for our area. we drove out there and joined one of our members named solo and from there we went to go plow the rice feilds to prepare them for pee season. now there were no machines in our hands. no big tractors, no rototillers. what was it you might as that we used to plow this field? well we used cow power and a hand plow. haha just like the old days. and these were some big old cows. but it was a great way to spend the morning. plowing and harrowing up the fields. i loved it. so did my companion elder smith. we are both big country boys. him more than me. he is from tremounten utah after all hahaha. its right accross te boarder from burly i think. so thats pretty cool. 

but i hope you find work dad. your getting a little to old to do it all your self. i know you dont like to think so but its true. hahhaa. im glad taylor has found some time to helf you though! he is pretty awesome! you always seem to pull through though so im not to worried. god must really like you or somethin ;) hahaha. but it was great to see those pictures of emilys rugby games!!! dont stop those from coming! sure im jealous but i love hearing all about it!  

oh no kidney stones are a bummer!!! from what ive heard anyways... no first hand experience yet (knock on wood) but there was a misisonary here who had to pass some kidney stones on his mission. he was not doing to good for a few weeks there until it passed hahah. male sure you send them my regards!! tell them all i say hey! and that i miss them! aha the kristensens are a cool family. and i hope loral meldrums surgery gos great. the wonders of technoligy. we can open up someones head and tickle there brain stem then close it back up again. i will pray for her. 

so life here is great. i am half way around the world doin the work of the lord and i love it. i cant picture comin home right now. this feels like home to me. i never thought that would happen but it did. i love yall to bunches and cant wait to talk to you on mothers day in 2 weeks!!

be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates

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