Monday, April 16, 2012

April 16, 2012


how you all doin!? me i am doing good. just hangin out here in madagascar. where in madagascar do you ask? good question? hahaha i dont know!!??? just kidding. its in antsitabe ville akaikany antsenakely. dia miakatra kely ambohiny am'ny cybera. i love how none of you can understand any of that.... hahahhaha but seriously im good.

sounds like you all had a good time this weekend with the hoys!! i sure hope spencer gets his visa! that would suck not to get to go to bulgaria. i will deffinatly pray for him. make sure to tell him i say hey! and not to be a stranger in bulgaria! and tell his family i say hello as well! also i did not know kyle christianson even got his call!!!!!!! where the freak is he going??? thats pretty ecxciting. its cool seeing my friends go out on missions.

also who is dallas? hahaha whoever he is i hope he is a good worker. and good old gordan always comes to the rescue doiesnt he... hahhaa i like that wise indian man. ahha. thats cool that emily got an i phone. im sure she is moving it!!! bein all high technical and all that! and dad has an i 4!! haha that must just be heaven above compared to the i 3...... but i would supposed that mac has come out with at least 5 other versions of things since i have been out on my mission. but i really have no way of knowing hahaha.

so life here in madagascar is way good. me and my companion have been very busy doing baptism interviews and getting ready for the open house that is in antsirabe this saturday. its a musical/speaking program put on by the missionaries and district choral here in madagascar. its pretty cool. i start the thing off with that song i wrote with robyn and then i sing a solo of i know that my redeemer lives in malagasy. should be pretty cool. hopefully alot of people come to it. we have been working hard. also we had and afondasy this past week in manandona. its a big party with a bonfire. it was pretty unorganized and messy but it was fun none the less. i got nice and dirty taking would and such. playing in the sand and making fire!! my companion was trying to hand out the snack which we brought to the activity. they area called mofo balls. just little balls of bread and the kids circled around him like animals so he tried to get them to get in a line but none of them would listen and he got angry and just through the whole box of mofo balls on top of these kids likea piniada breaking and let them fight for themselfs hahahahhaa. it was hilarious. so pretty disorganized but thats the way life seems to be here in madagascar. we have a baptism of 9 people planed for december 5th. it should be pretty cool. they are all done in the river in manandona. so hopefully they all go through. but other than that life is pretty much the same. i tried to send some pictures to this week but the computer wont have any of it! hahah so sorry about that. i will try again next week! i love you all and cant wait to here from you again!

be fitiavana mandrakizay!

elder bates

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