Monday, April 2, 2012

April 2, 2012

hey family!! how are ya doing!?

me im doing great. just mitsangatsangana her ein madagascar wich means hanging out. but be carful because if you miss and a and and n then it becomes adultry hahaha. but my life is good and full of work. lots of member work but we do have baptisms lined up for the 14th and some for may so its all pretty exciting. and transfers come out in a couple weeks so itll be fun to find out if i get moved or stay but the odds are i stay and kill my companion. wich would be fine with me! he is an awesome guy!. sorry no pictures yet! but its to difficult to get another camera unless i borrow from another missionary wich is just annoying for that missionary so i am just going to have to wait till the new one comes. buttoday was really good. we drove down to ambositra for p day wich is an hour and a half south and spent the day there with elder horsley and steel who are there all alone so we hiked a mountain and saw a bunch of cool waterfalls and then we got to the top and there was this absolutely beautiful veiw of the whole valley. it was pretty incredible. and hot. and tireing. but way worth it. and then we went and shoped a bit for surveniers for ambositra is the wood capital of the world. just a fun fact for you hahaha. they have alot of carving and stuff. its pretty cool. i didnt buy anything wooden but i did by some things for my lovely sisters. they will jsut haveto wait to get them... hahahah. other than that nothing really exciting happend. we go off roading in the berlingo alot.... its an impressive little thing i must say. and we can get alot more done wich is good. my companion stayed in ambositra to do baptism interviews and i am on splits with elder steele who is in my group so its way fun to hang out with him for a bit. 

     soundsls like yalls are having a good time in the united states of america! visiting family and stuff sounds way cool. im sure mom and dad are enjoying there little vaca with emily. make sure you tell everybody i say hello!!! tell them i miss em. and got lots of loven for them haha. and be safe. i hope you all enjoyd confference and by the sounds of it it was pretty good. but they always are! i get it in like 2 weeks. oh and i probably wont get to email next week cause easter here is nutts!! seriously everybody just parties and drinks and absolutely nothing is open!! so hopefully there is oportunity but if not i am terribly sorry and just sit tight and wait till the next week. what a great way to celabrate the reserection of christ. party and drink..... ugh. the guy beside me has really bad bo right now... but everybody in this country stinks. woo hoo!!! hahahha sorry if i stink when i get back but i become more and more like a malagasy every day... hahahha just kiding i still have my higeine. but i cant spell it.

thank you so much for looking into the school stuff and the master card stuff! i really appreciate all that you do for me!! i couldnt live with out you! so thank you! i love you all and pray for you always!

be fitiavana mandrakizay! e

elder bates 

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