Monday, March 26, 2012

March 26, 2012

hey dad/ family!

i put dad in there so he feels special ;) hahahhaha just kidding! how yall doin!? yes my new companion is from tremaunten utah so its bringin out the hick in me a little bit! not that it already wasnt there cause lets face it... it was. it sounds like you are all having such a good time over there in canada as the weather is starting to warm. not that it was that cold this winter... but im sure you area all loving it none the less! its starting to get cold here. i am in the coldest city in madagascar so at night you can see your breathe and it gets frost sometimes in the morning. not that i have seen frost here yet but that is what people say. you gotta love those random snowfalls in march huh? hahhaha im glad you had a lot of help for it though. i was afraid you would just do everything yourself seeing as dallin was gone. because lets face it dad. your kind of a red... nothing to be ashamed about! reds are awesome! and the reviced version of the book is called the people code! its a great read. so read it! hahahha but im glad you are all haveing a good time and getting some nice relaxation time for spring break! make sure you all say high to the fam jam for me! tell all i love them! hahhaha oh! and elder goff wants to knows when bradys homecoming is. he would love to go to it! thats coming up pretty soon right? i thought it was may or june. its crazy how fast your mission flys by. ive already been out more than seven months. im starting to get old in this mission and the language is still driving me crazy hahahha. but i am getting better. its just way hard to talk a different language. i give props to all those who do it. and props to all those who dont... hahahha

so life her in madagascar this past week has been exciting! lots of hard work and i am extremely tired. but that comes with the work. i rode about 190 km this week on the bike. "WHAT!?" you all must be asking. no we didnt have a car this week.... the assistants decided to take it for the week to go to fianarantsoa. wich is about 235 km south of here. so we were still biking all over the place! and not knowing this was going to take place before hand we had set up our schedual for a car and not for bikes so we had to work hard this week!! its was extremely hardd.... and it made matters worse that i crashed three times on my bike........yes three times. all of them fatal! hahahah no im ok. but i did get hurt.. you should see the bruise on my hip!!! its pretty impressive if you ask me... my hip should be broken right now but i was carried by angels haha. and i had to fix my bike which was a total of about 50 000 ariarys. 25 bucks. wich is a tons of money here. and i tried to take out personal fund from my credit card but it didnt work... if you could look into that. cause i am right broke and dont get alotment for a week.... wich is fine. i will just fast for a week hahahahhaha. othre than that i am great! i had one of my best weeks ever so far teaching wise and stuff. it felt awesome. i love the work of the lord. it can get frustrating but that is just the blue in me... hahaha im sorry for this color thing but it describes people sooooo well! and helps you see problems you have and fix them. its great! and elder smith is an awesome companion! we are definatly going hard! no matter the injury. i will not be stopped! lol but seriously im fine. you know me. i get hurt and try to pretend it didnt happen and keep going. so i am fine. i am proud of me bruises. i dont think my bike likes getting repaired so much though. oh well! hahaha.

so the roads in madagascar are pretty ok. there are a ton of potholes and people all over the place and some roads arent paved. there is lots of cobble stone roads because it is france influenced. so like its ok i guess. i dont know though ive leaved here long enough that life here has become a normal for me. life back at home will probably seem forgein when i get back. i love it here. its diffrent everything forsure but its great. i could just do without the stink and dirt. but even that doesnt bother me much hahaha. and the police here are an absulote joke. they are very power hungry and abusing of there authority. but we know how to deal with it. god helps his missionaries. other than that the roads dont have many rules that are inforced... hahaha just drive and dont hit anybody. its fun. so thats life here in madagascar for the week. this p day we went to see a waterfall in betafo! it was pretty nifty if you ask me... hahaha it just sucks going to that kind of stuff cause you cant go swimming in it...... so like its nice to look at though! haha. i love you all, i love this church, and i love this work. god fullfills blessings. i promise you that. and as long as you stive to be worthy and do as he asks he will bless our lives abundently. my whole life has been so incredibly bless because of gods love for our family. i have a testamony of that. thank you all for you prayers.

be fitiavana mandrakarivo ( ya changin it up a bit!) haha

elder bates

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