Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5, 2012

hey dad!/family sounds like you have had a crazy couple of weeks so far! especially last weekend. but im glad you had help and didnt just do it all your self! hahhaa and its about time you replaced that truck of yours! the other one was definatly well used!! im sure it was pretty stressfull when all that stuff was going wrong and you were trying to plow all the churches. sounds like god kept your truck running just long enough though haha. did you plow all of them your self or did taylor help you plow? sounds like the rest of the family is doing good as well and im glad to here that.

so i cant write many seperate emails this week because i have a zone confrence today with the seventy over africa and we are short on time. kinda takes up our whole p daay but no biggy. so i will just do one mass email this week. sorry. but life here in mada is good. i have been working as hard as i can. but i am a litte impeaded at the moment by a rash in an uncomfortable spot. so my bike privilages have been restricted quite a bit which has made work hard :P haha. sorry no pictures again this week but i am all out of batteries for my camera and havent gotten the energy or time to go find new ones. but i will get more to you soon. those pictures of payton and emily are awesome. feel free to send me a ton of pictures. its nice to see them.

our 3rd floor apartment flooded.... there is no drain in the bathroom for one thing and then i guess the house is pretty water proof! hahaha and yes the mission expects me to pay for any bike repairs. wich is tough cause no matter what i do the thing always brakes. i am fixing it like 2 times a week. and its cause i am a big guy mountain biking on a bike not made for mountain biking...... its frustrating at times. and i can use the master card but i dont like to. i dont like to use personal fund. the last money i took from my personal fund was suposed to last me 3 months at least... it lasted a week because of the bike. but thats life!! other than that life in mada is pretty unpredictable as always.

i hear kasper has been having bowel problems. tell him i feel for him! hahaha it happens to the best of us budy! and i a very impressed at how well you took that needle!

oh and the cyclones usually hit at any time of day really. but the bad one was in the morning. so we went out in the afternoon. i was in the house when it hit. and i think it gets to like 10° c. i think the house is 110 volt power but im not positive. i jus tknow that there isnt enough. haha and for sunday our bronch has a nice brick building they meet in. one of our groups meets ina tent and one in a basement kinda thing about the size f our basment bathroom. there are about 150 people in our branch and 20 in each group. the language is comming slowly and the tap water isnt drinkable. we use filters. love you tons!

i love and pray for you always

be fitiavana mandrakizay

elder bates

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