Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February 27, 2012

hey! so its been a good week here and its sounds like its been a hectic week there! hahabut im sure you are all makin it through fine! it is cyclone season here in mada so we are having a good old wet time! and windy hahahha. but im sure its better than shovelying through all that snow! it must be alot cause i didnt even get a letter from my dad today! haha wich i totally understand!

life here in mada has been hectic though. so my week has been pretty good. lots has gone wrong and i have been frustrated quite a bit but i am trying to cope with it. but this past week started off with our house flooding... haha. we moved and ever since then there has been problems galor with the new house. there is not enough power. and it is smal and stuff. so we spent tuesday morning bailing out our house with cups and buckets. it was quite a bit of water hahaha. and we live on the 3rd floor so we have found out it is water proof! lol. and my bike has been braking alot the past one and a half months ive been in this area so i hae spend alot of money trying to fix it. so i am right broke!! hahaha oh well. it doesnt help that i ride 150 km a week on the bike... hahaha i have been having a tough time but i am working through my tribulations for the lord. and i love it! no matter how frustrated i get. but that is my life here in mada. love you tons! i cant complain about my life really. i love it. and i love this work. sorry my letter is so short but i am sort on time hahha. oh but i will try to describe the pictures from last week sorry.

1;fell on my bike.... ripped my pants them fixed.... ripped again

3. we are tired...

4. tall corn!!!!

5. cute girl

6. dirty shirt,

7. because its muddy here always

8. me on a bike

9. bike on me!

10. her name... is burtha

11. me bein a hick

12. kids!

13. service! cyclone blew over alot of fences

14. hang loose bro!

15. my friend the chicken

16. his friend the chicken

18. climbing hill.

19. top of hill. beeeeaaaauuuutifful

20. manga hazo. it is a root. served with beans. apettising aint it?

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