Monday, March 19, 2012

March 20, 2012

hey! sorry i didnt send the email last week till late! but we went on a trip to lake tritriva last monday and didnt get back till late! but i am sending this one right on time this week! sorry no pictures! but my camera broke on saturday! i was at a baptism and we were walking along a rice patty and there was a whole in the path and i couldnt see it because it was covered by grass and i fell in and the camera was in my pocket and my thigh hit the dirt ridge of the rice patty trail and i got a really bad charly horse and me camera broke..... so like that is the news. woo hoo! ha. so if youall want me to try and buy one here i can do that. or you could send me one if you wanted.a an american bought one would be way better than one bought here because its like american and not malagasy haha but you just have to be way careful about sending it. put it in a tin bok and stuff and hide it. its sketchy i know. but its how its gotta be done. ├že la vie! izay ny fiainana ! thats life! hahahha

but other than that my life here is goin good! i am still workin the dona and its still really hard but god tests and chastises those he loves! hahahhaha so im pretty loved i guess! haha just kidding! but my new companion elder smith is awesome he is saikia maty. he dies in may so we are running up to the finish line. but then i have to go like another year and a bit to my finish line so imma have to keep up the sprint for a long time hahaha. its cool cause he is my first real senior companion. he knows exactly what he is doing and how the language works so i am trying to learn alot from him! he also showed me this book called the color code from a doctor heartman. its a way good book and i encourage you all to read it. i am i blue white. you dont know what that means yet but you will if you read the book. you will learn alot about yourself if you read it with an open mind. i promise!! hahaha and we are supposed to have acar but it is in tana right now getting a check up so we are still on bikes till thrusday. but i like the bike. nice excersice every day. i DROVE IN MADAGASCAR!!!!!!! it was crazy. the roads here are crazy hahaha but i drove for 3 days lasty week till the car had to leave us. it was awesome. its a citroen berlingo hahhaha. its our little go cart. but its fun. nothin like dallins new chevy!! send me pictures of all these things please! dads truck, dallins truck. hesstons bouncie pin. send me pictures! i dont get enough pictures. stop bein afraid of makin me homesick! hahahha im homesick no matter what but i dont want to come home for the world so send me pictures! hahahha.

other than that nothing new in my life. just struggling with the language and the work. its life though. i am doing the best i can and that is what the lord expects of me. its hard for me to think like that because i am a blue. seriously read the book. ha. sounds like you all are doing good though! dont worry about it not snowing dad itll be spring soon enough and you will be workin again. haha. sounds like the new guy steve is doing a good job though wich makes me happy.

im jelous of yalls new trucks! haha i will get driving a truck soon enough. well in 1 year 4 months 3 weeks and a day! according to my blog hahahahhaha. time really is flying. these next 4 months will fly by and i will be a year away! thats when most of your friends start gettin married i think hahahha. ok well i love you all tons! i had a baptism saturday wich was really fun. elder smith was in tana for 3 days for a leadership meeting so i had a mini with me. jean louise. he is a 19 year old from be soa. good kid. they are very poor and ask for alot of stuff from us wich is funny but hard at the same time cause we cant do anything! oh well the lord will provide! oh! ok so heres what i want yall to do! i need you to look into getting applications to byu provo, byu Idaho, and the U OF A. can you get me those applications and let me know what i need to do. i need to start applying now so that i have a school when i get home. i wanna start school right a way when i get back. like the september semester. so the school i really want to go is byu i think. but im not sure. maybe u of a. maybe in calgary. hahah i dont know. get me one to the u of c as well please! i think i will get a degree in biolagy or agraculture and then maybe try to get into a vetranary school. i dont know but i may have to do some upgrading for that. i will probably definatly need to do upgrading but if you could look into it i would REALLY apreciate that!! thanks so much!

love you all tons!

be fitiavana mandrakizay

elder bates!

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