Monday, March 12, 2012

March 12, 2012

*so far this is the only letter we have gotten from Riley this week. Read at your own risk he uses the word 'balls' in it an some may think theres tmi in there....haha

so my whole letter to you i just wrote got deleted....... so im going to start again! hahha sorry if things are more summerized or different hahhaha. so my week has been interesting. i still have the rash but ive been putting anti fungel cream on that puppy so its starting to heal. but it is stinky!!!! like a rotting smell. i litterally have crotch rot. hahahha and it is itchy!! i scratch my balls probably 24/7. its a good thing i am in a country were you scratch your balls and people don't even blink an eye.... hahhaha. but i dont need bike shorts or anything i should be fine. because of one reason wich i will share a little later. but first. my week has bee alright. i was super sick thursday so couldnt work. then i had it on friday and couldnt work and my companion made me stay home saturday cause he didnt think i was healthy enough. so i have been sick but its better now. and we had a zone conference this week witha 70 here in antsirabe. it was interesting. the work is going to change here in madagascar. which isnt a bad thing. transfers came in last night. interesting news. i am now companions with the zone leader in antsirabe!! and i now have a car!!!!!!!!! hahahah thats right a car in madagascar!! whatttt!!!??? its pretty exciting. so that all gos down on friday. that is why i do not need bike shorts. i dont know how the apartment flooded and the water didnt just leak to the other places but it did. our washer kinda exploded so i was studying. yes i study like a good missionary. and all the sudden there was water at my feet!! crazy right!? so we spent a lot of time mopping up the water. and now the shower keeps braking.... stupid thing. so i havent showerd in 3 days!! hahhha but thats ok. i dont need to smell like roses for my investigators. and i garuntee i still smell better than all of them. lol.

lyndi your .... [awesome]!! hahahha and i will get to meet little riley junior after all the sleeping pooping and crying. perfect timing really. (the name is unisex by the way) and kasper is a stud! holy he is walking talking playing hes got teath and hes hurting himself like a true bates boy does best!! hhaha swimming like a pro! seriously what a brillient kid. i cant wait to see him again when i get home! maybe i will just fly to regina first and stay there for a week so that you dont have to go alllll the way to edmonton hahahha. and its good to knowx that jared is doing good in his schooling and everything. i pray for him and you you know. im glad its working out great. ka

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