Tuesday, March 13, 2012

March 12, 2012, email #2 plus pictures

so my week has been ok. nothing much happened. monday we had a meeting with a seventy and that was interesting. work is going to change in the mission quite a bit! so that should be exciting. then i got sick on thursday. i was pretty sick. i couldnt even work. then friday as well i was sick and on saturday my companion didnt lett me workl./ so i had a pretty slow week.  now our shower breaks alot. its broken right now. so i havent showerd in 3 days.... haha but its ok i dont need to smell good for my investigators. i garuntee i still spell better than all of them anyways. i smell better too.... lol. but that gets fiixed tomorrow. . so transfer news came in last night. i am now companions with the zone leader here in antsirabe and my old comp gos to tomatava. wich is on the beach. and the other news is that we get a car!! crazy right!!??? i know it is. i get to drive!! for a little while anyways. but madagascar missionaries dont see alot of cars so its kinda a big deal hahhha. pretty cool!thats pretty much my life here in madagascar. workin when i can. wish i was workin when i cant. im very tired right now so sorry if the letter sucks. today we went to lake tritriva. its a big hole in the middle of nowhere. hahaha but it is really pretty beautiful! we biked there. then hiked around the lake. hahhaa. its been a long day. but i will send some pictures.

sounds like life with you guys is going good wich is good. had fun with payton wich is good hahhaa. i havent heard much from anybody this week but that s ok. i dont have much time to write anyways. dad im sure your lesson in sunday school was great hjaha. the best way to teach is to not say anything at all i think. i dont know what the lesson is about at all cause if its not translated into malagasy its not in madagascar. hahha but youall arent going to banff this spring!!??? i leave for 2 years and you decide to change things up huh?? hahahhaha jk. im sure you will all have fun visisting all dads family down in the states.. its crazy that its allready spring break amùost. time flies huh. so i love you all tons and hope your life is going smooth and great!

be fitiavana mandrakizay


1. my dallin pose hahahhaah
2.cute kids
4.my waterfall
5.  showering
6. trip to tritriva

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