Wednesday, October 5, 2011

October 5,2011

*(This is Lyndi)Alright so I'm not sure right now if Riley sent an email this week or not. We think not. But I will not actually know for sure until tomorrow as the main email sender/receiver is not home this week and his minions sidekicks, well sometimes lack in computer skills. So I thought for those expecting a post today I would share a personal letter Riley sent to me and I got it in the mail just today! I will be leaving some stuff out. But heres some of the letter:

Ry Lyndi Hamon (ry is dear)

Hey! How are you? I know I probably won't get another letter from you because by the time you get this I will be flying out to Mada in about 4 days, Crazy! I can guarantee you I'm not ready haha. But I'll be alright.

As of lately I have found it really hard to stay focused in the MTC. It's crazy boring here I mean, I love the gospel and I love reading the books and stuff but we sit in a classroom for approximately  13 hours every day. That Sucks! haha oh well I have 13 days left.

I fly half way around the world, how crazy is that. And I guess in a way I am flight leader or whatever ha.

Its so nice to hear about Kasper and all of his stories. He seems to be getting quite the personality. He's gonna be quite the lady killer. Not literally I hope ;) haha (lyndi: yes he actually drew the winking face like that in his letter).

Im glad you guys know some people over there! Meeting people is fun as well though.

(Lyndi: I told him about "new" couches we got) Im glad you explained what 3 pieces meant or else I would have thought you only got the cushions, and the two arm But seriously grandma couches are in for the season. do you remember those ugly green/blue things we used to have for couches, and the ones before that were just as lovely haha. it's good to see you keeping the tradition. Those people sound extremely nice. You should get their address and tell your good friends the missionaries to go "tracting" that way. Then you won't offend them and lose a shed ha. But they do sound like wonderful people.

...I look up to her (Robyn) as I look up to you and Colter. It's amazing to witness how much I have really learned from all of you. You all are so special to me. So are Emily and Dallin. I wish I would have come to this conclusion earlier. I miss you all so much and its incredible to me to notice it all now and not then, if the makes sense.

I have been blessed with an incredible family. I wouldn't trade ya'll for the world. I would do anything for anyone of you. Just as I would and am for the Lord...

Tiako ianao
Elder Riley H Bates

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  1. So sweet! I love to hear stuff like that-- I wish I would have come to this conclusion earlier... I feel like that too! What a guy, hope Riley has the best mission experience!! So excited for him!! I'll be following :)