Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24,2011 -Email to the family

hey family! how are you all!? this has been quite a busy week. i dont actually remember most of it.... haha the days are flying by. and im wat tired and a little sick. tonga soa madagascara haha. means welcome to madascascar. so the exciting funnythings that happened to me this week is that one i fell out of a taxi be and into a gutter of poop....... hahahaha and two i fell into a rice patty. not all the way in but enough. im still alivethoughand super excited to here about madysen!!! nice name choice...... hahahahahaha jk but seriously im super excited for you!
we have been teaching a few people and 4 or 5 of our investigtors came to the giant islang confrence this last weekend wich was super exciting cause our area isnt usually very easy to get tot to that. oh y so its island confrence this weekend. so all the missionaries on island are in tana right now. about รจ( elders. and some really exciting news is that elder nelson is here on island this weekend! an apostle hasnt been to madagascar since elder scot dedicated it like 15 years ago! so thats pretty awesome!  ummm lets see what else i can tell you. i havent recieved muck mail yet wich is completely understandable. i am half way across the world. lol. but i dod get a short dear elder from mom telling me a little about her reunion. it sounds like a good but tiring time haha. im tellin you its a completely different world over here.... i love it though and i love all of you. sorry this email isnt longer.....

tiako ianareo

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