Thursday, October 6, 2011

October 4, 2011

* Alright so the last post mentioned that I wasn't sure if there was an email this week. But he did send one and Elder Bates' Dad (also doubles as my Dad) just forwarded to me tonight, so here it is.

alright. so how yall doing!? hahaha i am getting pretty anxcious to get out of here holy cow. i just cant wait to start teaching people in my very very broken malagasy hahaha. this will probably be my last time emailing seeing as its my last p day, but i may get another chance on saturday, im not sure. there is alot to do this week. so ive got some good news.. im flying out with the rest of my district! they lied to me whe they told me someone was flying alone. SORRY for the little scare. lol but i am flight leader for the trip which will be pretty interesting haha. i will send you all a copy of my flight plans in the mail today so that you can see. you will probably get it about the day i get to madagascar. so howd you all like general confrence!? i would like to imform mom and dad that i dressed up for it and stayed awake. i even took notes! hahaha. i loved it. the words of the apostles are so powerful. i found ut interesting how lots of them talked as if they were talking to a non member. or how basic it really all was. the gospel of jesus christ is simple. its amazing. he ment for everybody to understand it. 

so this week ive had a very bad cold. im coughing up a storm!! and my nose is full of some new species of liquid. it kinda sucks but it is impossible to not get sick in the mtc. its full of 2400 19 year old boys who arent very health concious. its kinda gross when you think about it hahaha. its kind of a bummer but it doesnt really affect anything. its just really annoying. its super hard to get better too. itll go away though. ugh being sick sucks. but my teachers tell me that we will probably feel sick most of the time in madagascar. they say you get used to it. 

leaving is kinda scary... its been weird to think that ive been here for 2 months already. thats a 12th of my mission. it really has just flown by. but now my real mission starts. out in the field. in the furthest mission from the church you can get. thats pretty crazy. we did the math and .1 percent of missionaries go to madagascar... thats a pretty small number. i wonder what makes me part of that point one percent... i just dont know! but the lord does haha and thats al that matters. flying half way around the work will be cool. thatll be really cool. im exited! 

so if you send me letters to madagascar they will take about a month to get there and then another month to get them back. ya thats what mailing half way around the work is like haha. so im thinkin if people want to send me letters you could give them my email. i dont think to many people will be wanting to talk to me other than my family but you never know. ive gotten a few from other people. im not sure what my mission president thinks about emailing everybody but i dont really wanna spend my pday emailing a ton of people. just a few select people close to my heart. everybody is important but there are some who i wanna write hahah. so my companions back seems to be doing alot better! wich is good. im just glad that epidemic is over. it was interesting. 

all the guys in my district are awesome. there is a reason they got call to mada. they are all pretty special. they are all very smart and super fun. we all have a good sense of humor wich can be a bad thing cause we get distracted and joke around alot. they are harmless jokes though. it makes the mtc bareable. 

well i gotta get going. i love you all with all of my heart. heart im malagasy is fo haha. it sounds funny when you use it in english sentances. anyways. i will write you all letters before i fly out but you wont get them till after im already in mada... just know that even though im half way across the world i am safe. i know that you will be safe cause i pray for it every night. sometime its hard to know that all i can really do to help you is pray. but then i remember that god is the best choice always. prayer is so unbelievably powerful. remember what your knees are for. ill see you all in aproximatly 22 months.

tiako ianareo 

ELDER Riley H Bates 

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