Monday, October 24, 2011

October 24, 2011 - Email to Lyndi

hey lyndi!! so the french keyboard im using makes it really hard for me to
write so it will
probably be not so good of a letter and i apolagize. but all of the news
you sent me was super exciting. and dont worry about how much you write me..
any letter is a good letter. i completly understand that other people have
lives haha. i am hard at work here anyways. the president asked me to play
robyns song before testimony meeting tonight at island conffrence wich is
really exciting. oh ya its island confrence so like all the missionaries on
the island (about 75) are in tana learning and we did a huge prosaliting
project and such. it was pretty cool.
i wounder what day it was that karmyn poped. you probably told me its just
funny cause a few days ago i randomly thought to myself that karmyn probably
had her baby. that is way exciting though! i vote for ryland hahaha... i still dont know the really name though... still havent read that other email haha. but its all good.
kasper getting an ear infection is no good!!! i bet he is so uncomfortable.
i have been kinda sick these past couple days and it sucks! but hopefully it
doesnt turn into mallaria..... hahaha oh well i promise i will come home
alive. that would be funny if the home number. it would be pretty quiet at
the house for a while haha.

love you dones tena tiako ianao! tell jared to keep workin hard! many
blessings will come i promise.

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