Tuesday, September 27, 2011

September 27, 2011

hey! its nice to here from you all!! so this week has been pretty good. i swear the days are all squished together into one big day. it doesnt feel like ive been here for 7 weeks... it feels like a life time and no time at all all at the same time hahaha. if that makes sense. so i got lots of letters from yall and i wrote most everyone an individual letter so if i dont say much about you in my email its not cause i forgot about you. life is good though. ive had some tough days but ive learned you just gotta work through them, find fun ways to unwind a little bit and ignore the "zone leaders" who arent even for our zone who think they have all the power in the world. haha. you can really tell that most of these elders have never been put in a leader ship position because you give them an ounce of power and they take it and think they can control every missionary around.... oh well. im sure they are great guys. but when they tell us not to toss a little foam ball around at 945 at night and im doing it with MY zone leader it gets a little annoying.. quiet time is at 1015 and i respect that. but im gunna play pass for a couple minutes to clear my head before that. so today im getting out of the mtc for a little bit! its my companions MRI today so we will see how that go's. its like 50/50 for me if he is actually hurt or not.... its hard to tell. it seems like he is doing it for attention or for an excuse, but we will find out. hes a great guy but we all have our problems. i just try to acomidate him any way i can. so we found out on sunday from our branch presidency that all of our district leaves on the 10th of october except for one person who leaves on the 11th haha. can you guess who that person is???? yeup i fly to madagascar allllllll by my lonesome. thatll be wierd. its a three day flight by myself. im just some country town boy who flew on an airplane once when i was what 9? hahah. should be an exciting moment in my life.

i get to call you guys from the airports though. and there is no limit to time. i just dont know what time it will be at your house when i get into england hahaha. it might be like 3 in the morning. oh well i guess we will find out. we had a really good lesson yesterday form our teacher. he was our origional teacher and we all really liked him, unfortunatly he has to quite soon because of the pressures at schoool. he was an amazing teacher who really new how to bring the spirit and how to relate to us. is name was rahalahy bell. cool guy. ill miss him. we got 3 new teachers in return though wich is kinda funny. they are all great guys and help us in different ways. oh! so i got the package you guys sent yesterday wich was awesome! i didnt expect it but i guess mom was pretty close at that sisters reunion. and i got a letter from dad yesterday wich was nice. i like how in your dear elder dad you used lol hahahaha. the best part was that u used it litteraly . that really made me lol ;) but really the food here gets old after like 2 weeks. its not like its descusting but its cafateria food... sooo elder west says hi hahaha, hes our DL. good guy. ill send some pictures home eventually with all the people in my district. i am so excited for madagascar. i know that when i get there im not going to be able to understand a thing and that its gunna smell funny and be hot and im gunna live very differently but i cant wait, i wouldnt trade it for anything. i keep telling myself to just talk when i get there. always. im not going to be afraid to say something cause i might mess up. i know im going to mess up every one of my sentences for about 3 months at least. but the more i do it the faster i learn. i learn by doing so thats what im going to do hahaha. some of these sentences today are pretty funny sounding but i like it. it seems the longer we have been there the better we get along with all the people in our buildings. we have always gotten along with the frenchies and malasians and huns(mongolians) really well but now we mets some tongans and the other frenchies and its just fun to be able to talk to anyone around. ive met a ton of people. i love meeting and talking to new people. im so glad that i was able to learn so much about grandpa herman. and how friendly and loving he was. it really inspires me to be the same way. i cant wait for the day where i can meet all of my great ansestors who have blessed me and my family so much.

something they do here at the mtc though is they try to make you feel extremely bad for the things youve done. i dont like that at all. its a guilty till proven inocent belief here i think. im not saying that the people here are bad. i can see why they do it. people come out who havent resolved things so they think that the only way to get them to confess is by scaring the crap out of everybody and making every one of us feel horrible... its justifided in some ways i just think there is a better way of going about it. its not all bad though and we havent had a really heavy talk for about 2 weeks. and our teacher are all really supportive and reasure us that we are ment to be here. i truely believe everything in this life happens for a reason. god and his beliefs and attitude are unchanging. but he mends our individual plans constantly to fit around the decisions we've made in our life so that we always have path back to him. lyndi put it really well in one of her letters how merciful god is. i was very appreciative of her words. oh ya i got lyndis pictures of Kasper and her letters to me. i will write her back by hand cause im out of time. tiako ianareo.

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