Tuesday, August 30, 2011

August 30, 2011

hey dad! that must be so tough having to drive them around! i cant imagine the stress. i hope dallin gets his restricted and that it all works out. just know the lord while bless you for all of your sacrifices. i dont know right now how your mannaged to learn spanish. malagasy is kicking my butt right now but i will get it haha. dear elder gets here the quickest so i think i would preffer that. but just know that it will take like two weeks for my mail to get back to you guys hahaha. which is fine. i dont need to be blessed for the work i am doing here. i know he will bless me but i would readily give those blessings to those i love. my life has been blessed so much already from being in the mtc and learning about this gospel. my tesimony is as solid as the foundation of the church and i hope it never changes. im so very greatful for all that you and mom and my heavenly father have done for our family. and i know you will be noted at the last day. tiako ianao. and look forward to hearing more about home.

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