Monday, August 15, 2011

First email!

So it wasn't a long email but it something like this.

"hey! so im coming home! haha just kidding, i wrote you guys a letter but i dont know if it will get to you cause im still not very good at writing mail.... but things here are great, mtc is crazy and so is the language.umm theres a couple things i forgot that im gunna need. i need another pair of shorts and a couple sweaters... all my roomates got a letter from the mission pres through email and thats why i didnt get mine cause the email i used when i started my papers wouldnt let me in. but thats ok. im super excited to serve the lord and am super excited to leave the mtc in ummmm alot of days haha. love you and miss you tons"

So who really knows when we'll get a real letter from him... at least he is loving the work!

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