Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Call

Elder Riley H Bates has been called to serve in the Madagascar Antananarivo Mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint. And we couldn't be more excited for him. Of course we will miss him but he will be blessing so many lives including the lives of his family while he is out.
Here I (his sister Lyndi) will be putting up letters and pictures and any information we receive from him while he is out.

"If you are a young man wondering whether you ought to fulfill a full-time mission, don’t approach that vital decision with your own wisdom alone. Seek the counsel of your parents, your bishop, or stake president. In your prayers ask to have the will of the Lord made known to you. I know that a mission will provide extraordinary blessings for you now and throughout your life. I urge you not to pray to know whether you should go; rather, ask the Lord to guide you in whatever may be necessary to become a worthy, empowered full-time missionary. You will never regret serving a mission, but you most probably will regret not serving if that is your choice." - Richard G. Scott

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