Tuesday, August 16, 2011

August 16 2010 - Tell Everyone!

hellloooo family! i wrote lots of letters cause they only give us half an hour on the computer! i hope they all get to you cause apperently im havent mailed something in a long time and its more difficult than i remember hahaha. i forgot my adress book and there a a couple adresses i would like to get this week for sure. if you guys could send me lyndis adress, colters adress and the behrs adress that would be awesome!!! i miss you all a ton, life here at the mtc is super busy, they dont give you a minute to think wich i think they do on perpose so that elders dont get homesick. the food here is good but they feed you so much i think im gaining weight!! :S its hard loose it in here when they only give you an hour 5 times a week to excersize... my first day here my teachers didnt speak any englsih which was a little scary hahaha. i guys the malagasy language is a very unique one which is cool but not really useful when i get back haha. my second day here they had us teaching a leason to an "investigator" all in malagasy which was crazy hard!!! the language is still crazy hard but i guess ive only been here a week. im working hard and learning so much. my testimony has grown more in one week than it has in any other time in my life. there spirit is so strong here if you listen. im so greatfull for all that god gives me. this is the true church. god is in our every principle. it is his plan for us. TELL EVERYONE! haha because everyone deserves to know the truth. i really hope you all get my letters and stuff. haha. and thankyou for all letters that have gotten to me thus far. if anyone wants to write me i would encourage them to usedearelder.com. its free and it gets to me in a day. my district gets along really good with each other. my companion is full of love. hes a little different at times but i love him none the less. he is a great guy. and he will be a great missionary. im so tired here all the time its rediculous. theres always something we are supposed to be doing and the beds are uncomfortable and the blankets are as thick as sheets haha. i call one of them the table clothe cause i sware thats what it is. they arent very acomidating to sleep however lol. im in choir and thats fun. we sing tonight. music is awesome! we arent aloud to listen to any music in our dorms here at the mtc but i always seem to have a hymn stuck in my head wich is nice. i find it amazing how if you are really interested and believe in what you are learning you dont mind studying and reading for hours on end. the temple was nice, our whole district went together. i look forward to being able to go next week. its hot here in utah... but its even hotter in the laundry room lol. its like a sweat shop down here. my companion, Elder newman, is in the army to be a pilot. thats pretty cool eh!? hes in the military and wants to join the navy. so i guess hes a pretty smart guy. one guy in my district is hilarious. elder siefert. he lived in paris for two years and is fluent in french and arabic! he is going to be a language interpreter in the military but man is he a character. i look forward to hearing from all of you and cant wait to see you in a couple years haha.

tiako ianero

Elder bates

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