Tuesday, August 23, 2011

August 23, 2011

hey guys! so so far for hand writen mailed letters ive gotten one from mom and one from lyndi, and ive gotten one from booboo and from wendy. (kinda rhymes) haha it takes about a week and a half for mail to get here ive found out, but on dear elder it only takes a day. how are things goin there? i miss you guys, the lords work is a hard one haha. but dont take that as me giving up. it may be hard but it is soo rewarding. and im not one to shy away from hard work. its crazy here at the mtc but these past 2 weeks seem like a blur of the gospel and the language. it takes alot out of a guy. all i can really think about right now is how i just wanna get out in the field. but i guess i cant really do that until i can actually speak the language hahaha. my district is awesome. we all know when to focus and when to have fun and we all get allong really well. help each other out. i cant wait till i cant actually speak malagasy. its gunna be somethin else. umm still dont have colter and karmyns adress. if you guys could that to me and the behrs as well. i love how prevelant the spirit is here at the mtc. infact its so prevelant that i fell asleep last night with my last thought being about how i was feeling the spirit as i was lying in bed. how cool is that?? haha. im in choir here at the mtc wich i am enjoying. and i may even sing in sacrament. but we will see. sooooo i heard somethin about dallin.... haha tell him i feel for him. and i didnt laugh at alll when i read it..... haha. did i tell you its crazy in the laundry room. i think they should instal another one. we even came at like 7 in the morning today hoping it wouldnt be as busy. but it was in vain... haha. i miss you and look forward to hearing from you. im runnin out of time on the clock though so a great man once told me remember what your knees are for. god is in everything we do in life. give him some credit. tiako anero. robyn wanted to know what that ment so it means i love y'all haha

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