Tuesday, September 6, 2011

September 6, 2011

hey family! or fianakaviako (family of mine) its been a long week and i am pretty exausted. my mind feels like its about to explode. but i am hangin in there. the language of malagasy really isnt that complicated the only problem is that for every verb there are 5 different ways to say the word depending on what the topic is.... hahaha its kinda hard to remember one of them let alone all of them. but ill get it. a week ago from today i got the extreme privalage of listening to elder Jeffery R Holland! who came to speak to us in our devotional. that man is all inspiring and loves everyone of us very much. he is very straight forword and doesnt hide his emotions which i really like. he talked alot about how we as missionaries have no right to go out and serve and then not live the principles we are teaching after we get back from our mission. i dont see how i could do that after even just the experiences ive had just in the mtc even. but theats whats amazing about us humans. we tend to forget these strong spiritual anchors very quickly and loose sight of the big picture, that picture being the plan of salvation. God loves us and wants so badly for all to return to him. im gunna try and help him out haha.  oh, i still havent gotten colter and karmyns adress yet. i would apretiate that please :) i have class every day for 7 hours. i have a feeling that after this experiance collage wont scare me so much hahaha. i got nannies letter she sent over dear elder. it was very much apreciated seeing as how i havent gotten one for about a week now because they take so long to get here. AND yes i know that hunting season has started..... its not something i like to think of alot hahaha. but that doesnt mean i dont wanna hear all about it! seriously tell me all about it hahaha. tiako ianareo ( i love y'all)
Dad. its so nice to here about all the willing service givers in this church. its very inspiring to me. tell dallin to stop hurting himself so that he can hold a job haha. cause if he had any other job and got hurt this much he would be fired. but i love him. i want to thank you for raising me to love service. without a father so willing to serve others i dont think i would have half the desire i have now to serve my fellow men. i am so thankful for all that you have done for me and i wish i would have showed that earlier in my life. you and mom have done a more than exeptable job of raising a family full love. i love how supportive our whole family is. not just imidiate family but all of us. its amazing. i look forword to hearing more about the family and all your adventures. shoot a big one for me hahah. times running low on the clock so i will have to wait till next week to email again. tiako ianao. 

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