Monday, November 26, 2012

November 26, 2012


hahaha soory i forgot the pictures of the appartment again!!!! i will try to remember to take some today and then send them to you next week. and i really hope things work out for george as well!! he has been unreachable lately as university has started up again so he never has time to learn but he still comes to church haha he is way mazoto but we cant find any time to teach him! kinda sucks but we are still working on it!! haha and the shirt is definatly malagasy made! but i washed it once and it fell apart! lol. thats how i know its malagasy made...

im so glad to hear grampi is doing better and better! and i stand by my coment that he will be bouncing to the moon in no time! why havent they been using the distiller up until now?? water is way to heavy for nanni to be hauling around all by herself! its a good think you fixed that. and i am sure that light by the wheel chair lift will help alot! its crazy that that was installs since ive been out here! it feels like a long time ago. and its alright if you dont get much hunting this year.... its not like you have me there to shoot it and do all the work anyways so you might as well just wait till next year!! hahhaha

yay for snow!!! hahaha i get yet another green christmas here wich i am sure sounds like paradise to you but as the song puts it best. "i'm dreaming of a white christmas, just like the ones i used to know" hahaha and the little mini christmas tree sounds like a great little thing with not alot of work. christmas is a wounderful time of year full of love and miracles all because people focus more on the saviour and on serving one another. can you imagine if people prettented it was christmas all year long. and they kept that same spirit with them. oh how much greater this world would be. but i do look forward to this christmas season with joy and thanksgiving. how is the snow removal going?? how are your workers and stuff? i assume its good seeing as you havnt told me anything bad hahhaa. and it definatly will be good for dallin to go work at gaurdian. hopefully he will see how the world works. having a boss your not tied to in some relation. and i to hope that he will rise above his coworkers and be an example of trueth and light.

i am so glad that the play went good!!! i knew it would and i was sure that emily would sing beautifully. bev facy has sooo many lds kids in it it blows my mind hahhaa. but i am so glad that they all got the chance to be a part of such a great powerful story! and those types of venues are such a great missionary tool. to see ancient prophets and there importance. and i cant wait to watch the dvd! haha.

now my week i guess. it was the american thanksgiving this past thursday wich brought many mixed feelings among all the missionaries and holidays always do. my thanksgiving was way back in october but seeing as nobody else even knew that i to was brought to think about all the things i am thankfull for and all the thanks givings back at home. wich means i thought of grampis birthday and colters weddings.... hahah wich i forgot to say happy birthday and aniversery...! so there it is. happy birthday grampi and happy aniversery colter and karmyn! hahahah but because it was thanks giving we all got together here in tamatave and ate a nice meal last night. i think all the missionaries appreciated it. i think the malagasy missionaries were a little disapointed that it didnt come with rice haha but we made mashed potatos, roast beef, some chicken, corn, we had stuffing, jello, gravy and cheese cake! it was pretty dang good! also this week we (the missionaries) put on an afon-dasy!!!!!!!! haha its a big bonfire party. we combined with the other branch neighboring us and we planed out a nice activity for people to come to and get re-excited about missionary work. we had a lesson on how to invite your friends to learn with the misisonaries and then i set up a simple game where you have buckets an sponges and you line them up along the ocean and they race to see who can fill up there bucket the fastest. that one was most popular with the kids. then i started the fire! :D hahahaha because of the cyclone there were a ton of washed up bambo sticks all along the beach that worked great for burning and i bought a little gas for good luck and then man made fire. and while the fire was going we had a narrorator tell stories from the book of mormon while the members acted it out! hahhaa i was lehi. it turned out really well! and hopefuly we see more member help!! haha we dont want to tract any longer!! but that was pretty much my week in a bottle. it was a good week. lots of work. we also watched a video called how rare a possesion: the book of mormon. it is about the amazing stories of parly p pratt and an itallian man and there conversion stories. i highly recomemd it. it refigorated me to constantly focus on the scriptures and especially on the book of mormon. wich was brought forth only through the divinity of god to stand as a witness of the truthfullness of god and his son jesus christ and how we can all recieve forgiveness.

thank you for getting me some garments and yes i have used the mastercard somewhat and it has been working. i dont really need much of anything from home i can usually get it here... but skittles and tootsie rolls have been on my mind lately hahahaha. i love you all sooo much and thank you for all yo do for me.

befitiavana mandrakizay!

elder bates

1 .this is a running table saw.... its safe to say that safety is non existant in this country..

2. we through a big party on the beach! haha turned out great

3. i built a fire. with the help of some gasoline :D

4. juice!

5. some children.

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