Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 12, 2012

hahaha i am glad you liked the pictures i sent. and i will try to send a couple more today though i didnt take many this week. sorry. i am sure you are pretty stinkin tired after all that snow coming down. but it doesnt make me not miss it hahahaha. i guess i am just a northern boy at heart. bad roads are no good though. i really hope everybody drives safe and no accidents happen. that would be no fun. how are your new employees working out?? i hope everything is goin good. 

i wont lie its unfortunate that dallin is going to go work on the rigs. money is not the most important thing on this earth and the rigs are definatly not the place to go and find it. we must serve god in this life and no one else. if he works on the rigs it will take him away from church and from god. he will not be able to have a calling because of the schedual and will not be able to fullfill his duty to god wich should come first in life. i hope that he succeeds in whatever he does. but i know he will succeed in god. and we must not forget that. 

i am amazed and proud to here emily is workin on he own vehicle as much as she can!! hahaha not going to lie i was suprised to read that but proud none the less!! and what is this about a chrystler new yorker??? i had no idea we owned a chrystler new yorker or even what that car looks like hahaha. i am sure emily is pretty dang busy with her play coming up and everything. i wish i was there to go see it but while she is singing about the ancient prophets with all her majesty i am teaching about them. and i love it. i hope she knows the importances of the story portrayed in that great musical. and finds an oportunity to teach somebody through this great opportunity she has. 

ahaha the letter did not seem disjointed or at all weird. thank you so much for the pictures you sent me!! i like the little facial hair that taylor has growin for him! it makes him look nice and manly. and almost as old as dallin looks with his beardy hahaha. my week was as good as it could be. lots of elders getting sick again and things with this heat. it brings the fever, parasites and the flu with it. so i spent quite a bit of time dealing with that. we had an elder go to the hospital cause he got scared when he got a little stomach flu but he is fine and left late the next day. then that elders companion who is malagasy has been fighting a parasite for quite a while and was actually sent to tana to get it delt with there and he will soon return when he is all healed up. we met some interesting people this week that will hopefully progress and become converted to the gospel. we also had a very good meeting with our branch president where we set new goals and talked alot about wourkin with the branch wich should be good! i love you so much and look forward to your next letter and to talking to you at christmas time. christmas is fast aproching. 
be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates

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