Monday, November 5, 2012

November 5, 2012

hi dad,

i am glad you enjoy reading my letters! haha i wont lie sometimes i lack motivation to write them because my weeks all seem the same hahah but it makes me feel better that you all enjoy them. and i truely have learned more here on my mission than i could have even imagined. and i stull have 9 months to learn so much more. it has been a truely humbling expirience. its crazy that i only have 9 months left. that feels like such a short time to me. this life just seems shorter and shorter every day. i can imagine how granpi feels after having such a dramatic surgery. needing to relay on other people for the first time in his life. that would be sooo hard. but i am glad to hear that his surgery went successfull from the sounds of it. zaka and his family are doing alright. they keep asking us for money and havent come to chircher but we arent giving up on them yet. haha and ya it is way hot here. i think its like 40 degrees with like 80 percent humitity or something. i dont really know to much though. i dont really watch the news.. hhaha. and i will try to sent you pictures of my house and church sometime.

i never thought i would miss winter so much with all this heat allt he time haha. i wouldnt mind going out and shoveling a little snow right now or goin for a ride on the snowmobile. haha dallin the nomad hahaha doesnt like to stay in one place for to long. but its good that dallin moved back home for a little while. hopefully he gets itertwined with the great ysa program up there. and thanks so much for sendin me those pictures of the moose!!!!! that is a good lookin animal! hahaha not gunna lie i am pretty jealous right now. i still having been on a good moose hunt really. hahah but there is plenty of time to do that when i get home right!? lol

i am glad that grampis surgery went well as i said earlier. it was on my mind quite a bit all week. and its good to here he is doing good. all though mom says he is a little stubborn hahahhaahah i am glad that he is recovering. and i hope his recovery gos as quicky and smooth as possible. its such a blessing to have family that will take so much time to take care of each other and watch over eachother. and its good to here that your over that bronchitis phnumonia thing you had goin on. that didnt sound fun. neither did that story you told me. but that story had me busting a gut pretty freakin hard hahahahhaha my companion kept asking me why i was laughing..... it was hard for me not to tell him.

so i sent you some pictures this week sorry it took me so long!! the computers here can be a little picky. forgive me! also i am doing really good. nothin really new. we are doing alot of tracting lately wich is way fun!!! haha my companion is still getting used to it a little bit but thats alright. i love it. lookin for those people who are ready. trying to get a solid program. haha. the rainy season has come in to full affect this past week and so we have been getting pretty wet lots of the time even takin of our shoes and just walking through what seems to be an endless puddle hahaha. but when we do that we have to check our feet every night for fleas tht go under your skin and lay eggs. they are fun to deal with. you pop them like a zit and hope they the eggs havent hatched hahahha. i also have a feeling i will be transfered sooner than later. most likely by the end of november if not sooner. as the training program comes to an end it is time for elder ludwig to see someone else hahaha. but i loved training so much and elder ludwig is a stud. though i am sure he is sick of me. the only thing i worry about when i leave is if he will be able to get around..... cause his sense of direction is somewhat lacking. ok so its really lacking hahahaha. but thats alright cause the lord blesses us emensly out here on the mission in madagascar! oh and if you could maybe send me some new razer blades for a gillete proglide razar that would be awesome cause i have realized i am running really low. and maybe some new underwear if that is possible hahaha. other than that just some candy like skittles and tootsi rolls!!!! lots of totsi rolls!!!!!!! hahhaha i love you so much and look forward to talkin to you at christmas!

be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates

1. the waters were ruthless and we washed to shore

2. before going out to sea. we were going to look for moby.

3. beach front restaurant. pretty nice.

4. the debri washed up from the cyclone

5. another one of them spiders. i think this one is prego

6.its close to thanks giving in america. my mouth was watering

7.lindy and jazz. some of the two cutest girls...

8. jazz and me. hangin out

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