Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 19, 2012

dear dad

hahahah i really do miss the cold though!!! dallin jumpin on his snowboard looked sooo cool and fun. snow is a great thing and i miss it lol. and it is truly amazing how we can comunicate these days through the web. how we figure these kind of things out amazes me. my new goals and efforts are going well. sometimes it take a while to get results even after a trail of our faith but i know that by doing the things we are doing we will be blessed with joy and a sense of fullfillment. work has been slower lately with a lot of tracting but we have good investigators who love the gospel. for instance george. we have been teaching him for quite a while and he took to it right away. he is 21 and a student at a university here. so it is hard to find time to teach him but he loves the gospel and the book of mormon. the only problem is that once he is done school he will have to move back to his home town where there is no church and no support group for him so we are debating baptising him or not. it is a very hard thing and we are all praying to find the answer. especially george. the new president is good. making a few changes to the mission. focusing the work on three main areas in madagasar and reducing the work everywhere else in hopes to get a strong base of stakes instead of a bunch of little branches that cant really support themselfs. i think it is a good idea. i have been extremely blessed to get to know both my mission presidents because they switched right in the middle of my mission. and they are both incredible men with incredible qualities. oh and sorry dad. still no pictures of my house. its not like i just think every day to take a picture of my house. i will try and remember and send you some next week.

its so good to hear about grampi getting out of the hospital finally. i am srue that was such a relief to him. and i can see it was if by just getting home he improved night and day as nannie said in her email to me. thank you nannie for the email by the way. i am sorry i cant reply to it today but i will be srue to write you and grampi soon. and it is truely a blessing to our whole family that nanni and grampi decided to have the missionaries over again. and i am glad to be raised in the covanent where the memories i do not wish to remember are few and far between.

i am sorry that dougs father passed away even though i do not know doug. it is always a hard thing when there is death but i am so glad you took the oportunity to share your testimony with him. our testimonies are the most powerful most important things we could ever have in our lives and we must share them with everybody. missionary or not so it warms my heart that you took the opportunity.

and it is a sad thing that non of dallins job opportunities are going through. though i am very glad that he isnt going to the rigs. hahaha has he looked into maybe going to school at nait or something along those lines. or even going on a mission hahahah. education is the best thing we can get and he will fint one in both school and on a mission. my prayers are with him as he gos through his life.

know that i am healthy and working hard. loving the blessings i see from this work. my testimony ever growing. slowly i come to a complete knowlage of the trueth. and i will make it there sometime in my life. thank you for all your support and love. one more thing HAPPPY BIRTHDAY ROBYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates

1. haha lookin good

2.a cool flower i though emily would like

3.so most every girl posses something liek this when taking a pictur here. even the 4 year olds

4. these two little girls erika and christina are the cutes girls i have ever met. (apart from my sisters.... ha)

5. a hospital in madagascar. this is a nice room.

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