Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3, 2012

hey dad

so i just barely got your letter this week and it is like 1 oclock there so i assume you are somewhat busy with snow and work so i completely understand and in my heart i do wish i was there with you helping you and lightening your load. i look forward to working with you again and hope that you can hang in there till i get back haha. i sent you some pictures and things of my appartment. i hope you like them. haha

the afon-dasy was a ton of fun. people really enjoyed it. haha and yes they do grow bambo here. its pretty cool. bamboo is a sectioned wood so its got little air pockets i it and when you burn it some of them pop so loud it sounds like gun shots! we didnt know this before we started burning it so many people started to jump lol. it was way funny. and that tble saw was rediculous. people had just finished using it and left it running as they walked away... the missionaries do the cooking. we all cook for ourselves really and those who cant cook eat noodles. its pretty simple ahha.

christmas sounds like it is in full affect there wich is wonderful and i am glad you got a chance to go and listen to the singing at the nativity. i am glad that it brought you the spirit and joy we all search for in our lives.

i am glad work is going good and you have a reliable man such as doug to work for you. and i am glad your not to to stressed out about it all. and i hope dallin gets his but kicked a little bit by these night shifts hahah. those would be no fun whatsoever. its good work though and i am glad he has it. i pray for him everyday that he can find the direction he needs. and remembers to respect thoe who serve him and to serve those who respect him. and to serve the one who may not show as much respect. then he will gain it. i trust fully in my heavenly father as president henderson and believe that he does have a perfect plan for all of us and that us being unperfect must find that plan in perfection. and we all need the mercy and saving grace of our savior in heaven. we must remember that the lord loves us and is happy with alll we do right. and waits and encorages us to do even better.

thank you so much for looking into schools for me. i want to atten nait. qo there is no rush. and if it would be possible to get a buisness degree as well i would love that. if i had to go to grant mac or something for that i do not know but i do know that i should persue such a degree. i really appreciate everything you do for me dad and love you so much.

there isnt to much actually new with me here. i am still working hard and trying to help the elders in my district cope with the hard work and stess but it is all going quite good. i am going through splitts and things with all the elders wich is fun. my companion doesnt really enjoy the splits so much bt i like to get to know people hahaha. and it helps elder ludwig see different stiles and personalities. this morning we helped a family move because the governement took there house to build a big old soccer stadium... wich i think is stupid. spend the money on creating jobs and bettering education so that you can become a first world country not on a soccer field that will not even get used. oh well. that is all that is really new with us. love you so much and look forward to christmas.

be fitiavana mandrakizay
your son
elder bates

my shower

me shaving

my bed. before it has been made

the dube or replacement to toilette paper

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