Monday, June 18, 2012

June 18, 2012

HEY!!!! hahaha
i know i look good dad. i am your son. you had to give the good looks to someone right. and lets face it. colter and dallin just arent the ones who got it.... hahahahahahahahahahaha just kidding! do they still both have there trucker mustaches hahaha. that would be funny. and by the way. the good looking comment was my fathers day present to you... yup. so dont get used to it hahahah. but HAPPY FATHERS DAY! youve been a father for 28 years now.... thats a long time. how your still so young at heart confounds me........................... hhahaha. so mom asked me about the fathers here in madagascar. unfortunatly there are few and far between. every once and a while you find a responsible hard working man but usually they are ether drunks or non existant. its hard to find a solid one... but we work on it. most of them just run away though.

beven and robyn are riding 200 km in 2 days!? maybe i should send back those bike shorts so bevan can use them hahahahahaha. trust me bro. your gunna want em. and that way cool that robyn road her bike out to our house! and thats pretty good time! seriously. you know i dont wanna brag or anything but i can ride 20 km in half an hour......... wich sucks!!!!! i dont ever recomend it! but its needed if you wanna get to church ontime. hahahhaha. but seriously i will be cheerin for you both! im sure your thighs are rock hard by now. bikes do that to ya.

somebody recked those stupid weeds in endicotts driveway again!!!!! those things are like a freakin curse!!!!!! just put a huge sign up that says john deer not welcome here right infront of those things. hahaha. did you tell mitch its comming out of his paycheck!? lol you think the women would stop planting them. but good for mom for fixing it. the customer is always right! how the heck is she going to have a wedding in that little back yard!? freak haha. good luck to her. i hope she appriciates all the work mom is puutting in to fix it all. haha we cant go one year without someone wacking those things down. seriously. the sign. run it past her.

sounds like life back at home is pretty exciting! im so excited for spencer finally getting out there!!!! holy cow that is exciting. im sure is parents are pretty frantic about the hole thing. its so good of you guys to pick up carrisa and take here to the airport. her and spencer are so close it would be sad for her to miss him. if it were me i would scip the test all together..... but shows how much i cared for my education before the mission unfortunatly. haha. oh well! seriously moms right. if there is anyone more prepared to go on a mission it is spencer. that guy is a stud. and good for the bennetts getting called as a temple president!! holy cow! but now thats one less driveway to plow.... DANGIT! haha. im sure they are pretty excited. can you imangine beeing called to spent every day all day watching over the house of the lord! pretty dang cool if you ask me.

and you will have to send me pictures of hesstons provicials and stuff!! send me lots of pictures and stuff!!! and it is on dallins birthday!! is he coming up for that!?

so now the news with me. i got transfered! yes i am no longer in the dona. i have been called back to tana with a new calling. i am not a district leader, or a zone leader. i am working in the office. not as an AP its like a step down from them. i do all the grunt work kinda thing. i take people to the hospital and drive back and forth from the airport picking people up and dropping them off. paper work stuff like that. i deal with letters and stuff. its the arron stuff that needs to get done to keep the mission organized. im pretty nervous and didnt see it coming at all. not going to lie i never expected any kind of leadership on my mission other than maybe being a senior comp. but i have went from being a zoneleader to workin in the office. i dont get it. but i trust the lord and he knows what is best for me... haha. so i will do my best. but because i work in the office my p day is now on saturday. meaning you will have to start writing me befor then..... sorry if it is inconvinient for yall. but that is how it is. the good news is that i will get to email you twice this week!!! hahahahahhaha so thats pretty cool. i will send pictures and stuff saturday. but thats about ti. this past weekend was fun. got to go down to ambositra to do some bap interviews out in the middle of nowhere hahahahahaha. litterally middle of nowhere town called anjoma. and so me and the elder down there elder steele went out there and were supposed to spend the night. but turns out the baptism didnt go through and we didnt want to spend the night in a malagasy house. cause we delt with flees enough as it is haha. so we started waithing for a bus. a bus that never came. so we looked at eachother and decided to walk the 20 km to the mane road and catch a bus from there. little did we know it would take us about 3 hours to walk 20 km through the mountains of madagascar. but we got picked up from some very nice prodestents in a truck at the main road and got back to civilization about 930 that night. right on time for cerfew! so that was fun. and an adventure for sure. but dont worry i am safe. my new companions name is elder barkclay. he is from utah but origionally got call to the reunion part of the mission wich is french speaking and just recently got called over here to the big island and still doesnt speak malagasy hahahah. so itll be fun. i love you alll and i love this work the work of the lord. ill talk to you again saturday.

be fitiavana mandrakizay
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