Monday, June 4, 2012

June 4, 2012 - pictures!

so i sent you your pictures! happy! hahaha ill send more for sure but thats all for now i think. 

so sounds like life is normal as ever back there. emily killing it in rugby dad searching for workers and getting lucky haha people leaving on missions. it all sounds like tons of fun.

im glad mitch desided to start working for you. now you dont have to worry to much about workers. is he living with you guys as well? how is he doing being back? dont worry i plan on starting work as soon as i get back. i dont think i could stand just sitting around. i gotta keep moving. its hard for me to stop working even when i am sick hahha. all though it gets easier the longer i am in this area! hahhaahaha but i am still going strong. i think. i have just kinda hit a brick wall. im sick of seeing people get rebaptised into other churches. its definatly a learning expierience though. 

im so jealous i didnt get to go watch emily play rugby at the city champ game! but im glad they won!!! and if emily has a chance she should definatly try out for alberta. i would strongly recomend it anyways. but i understand that there are alot of things to think about and that it is not an easy decision. nothing in life is an easy decision. if you have pictures of the game you should definatly send them to me. id like to see them. 

its way cool that spencer finally gets to go out on his mission. and that he still gets to go to bulgaria! hes going to work miracles. and he will be nice and close to uncle bob and aunt fran! haha our  new mission president comes in on june 30th there will be a fireside and stuff in antananarivo. but i most likely wont be there for it. our last zone confrence with president donnelly is this friday. its the last time we will see him. so that will be interesting. me and my companion have to give a 30 minute instruction on something out of pmg (Preach My Gospel) then donnelly also asked me to do a musical number. so i wrote a song about him and stuff. hopefully he likes it. its nothin special. the other elders in the zone helped with it as well so its from all of us to him. itll be weird to have a new mission president but ive always said change is good and i believe it one hundred percent. lots of missionaries probably wont like the new president beause the mission will probably get strict but its what it needs. so im excited. 

me im doing good. not much new. just trying to search out less actives and people who are acctually dilligent hahahah. tryin to keep going. in our district we had a talent show to try and strengthen people and the missionaries set it up and everything and at the end we did a dance and stuff. everybody absolutly loved it. mostly cause i shook my butt for them.... alot hahahahahahahah. but that is the way we dance here. you shake your booooooootay. we did a mix of "american" style dancing and "malagasy" style dancing hahahahahaha it was pretty funny. i have a video of it. but thats about all. i love you all and hope you are all healthy and well.. the gospel is true. we can never lose track of the TRUE meaning of life. its not money, its not friends, its not image, its eternity and returning to our heavenly father. so many people get caught up in the small things that dont matter. we seem to focus on things that arent really important. pray to god. not to anyhting else. cause we will see in the end who is truely faithfull. and i pray that we all can stand to gether at that last day

be fitiavana mandrakizay

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