Monday, June 11, 2012

June 11, 2012

hello hello!! 

sounds like a fun week back at home! emily wrote me an email and told me all about her rugby!!!! that is way stinkin exciting! and what i tihnk is funny is that i got three diffrent scores on the final game she played.... one from emily, one from dad and one from lyndi hahahaha but i am going to go with emilys score. so that is way cool! and scouts are checkin her out!!! dang! haha thats way exciting. she should talk to kelsey willobee for tips and stuff hahahaha but thats crazy

im sure the rain was fun. haha we havent had rain here in like 2 weeks. its a cold dry winter. and when i say cold i mean we wake up in the morning and it is 15°C outside. wich is freezing. i can see my breath! and its not even at its worst yet hahaha. but thats alright. and its good that work is going good and movong along. i hope mitch is doin good. and is getting acostumed alright. 

so i am doing good. i had a really busy week. we had a baptism on saturday of an old lady and her fifteen year old son. and when i say old i mean she was born in 54 wich would make her like 58... but she looks like she is like 70 some............... because she has had 10 kids hahhaha. but it was a good baptism. other than that the week was filled  with lots of zoneleader stuff to do. and not a ton of teaching. but thats what happens. so i will lay it out for you. started off the week as normal. just going out and teaching. we climbed a little power tower ontuesday because my companion was a little truncky. and we had a farely open schedual. so we just sat up there and talked about the military because he is on the military and it helps to talk about stuff you like when you are trunky.... i learned alot. and its been on my mind to join if nothing else works out for me back at home. then wednesday we were preparing our half hour instruction we had to give in zoneleader confrence. wich turned out really good and president donnelly said he really liked it. then thursday we had a ton of stuff to do. work/help other missionaries with all kinds of little things. then friday was the zone confrence wich ended up going for about 3 hours! haha long confrence. and i was asked to give a musical number so i wrote a song about my president and missionary work and stuff because he is leaving at the end of the month so i hope he liked that. then saturday i got to take elder steele to the hospital to get an ingrown toenail removed!! and that was funny all on its owne!! this hospital is sketchtown central. we go in and somebody tells us where to go and then we go there and it is the section for like ultra sounds and futernity stuff hahahaha so those doctors took us to the correct doctor who is this way goofy malagasy and this hospital just smells of death and the doctor is just funny and its all really crazy because it was a third world hospital and you could tell hahahahaahaha. so we go see this doctor and he tells us to go by all this medicine and stuff from the pharmacy and that only cost us about 4 bucks american but it was freezing stuff and iodine and everything and so elder steele was tripping big time. he didnt want any needles or anything. cause of aids and what not. but we go back to the doctor and he ends up taking us into a suprizingly starrel room and a nurse comes in and they freeze his toe anbd i made sure it was a brand new needle and such. so that was a good old time. and the doctor tryed to freeze it but it wasnt working so he was movin the needle around in all sorts of directions and forcing it all sorts of places that it shouldnt be. it was comical. but it ended up working out great and the nail is out and he is healing fine. and so that was probably the funniest part of my week. then after that anstirabe through a big going away party for president donnellly so that was fun. and that was pretty much my week. and then yesderday!!!! i saw a guy wearing a edmonton oilers jersey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! here in madagascar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i asked him if i could take a picture but the guy was a huge jerk and wouldnt let me!!!! RUDE!!!! so i tryed to snag one out the window and i just managed to catch it hahahha. shows him.  but ya other than that i am good. we get news for a transfer next week so i will know if i am leaving or not by next monday 

thats about all of my life though. im doing good. i love you all tons. thanks for the scriptures mom! 

be fitiavana mandrakizay

elder bates

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