Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February 13, 2012

hey fam! sorry for the no pictures but imma have to do that again this week cause we just moved houses and my camera is at the new house still. oh ya. we moved today. it was ok. most everything went off without a hitch wich is incredible with malagasies but it turnned out alright. the only sucky thing is im sick and it was no fun halling heavy stuff up 3 stories all morning. but i still worked hard and got er dun. other news we have 2 baptisms in an area called be soa on saturday. it is one of our groups. and then 3 in ibidy the next week. another one of our groups. . so work here is going great! i road 150 km on my bike again this week and it doesnt seem to be getting any easier even though i have been in this area for a month now! hahah buit i think that is because i am going quicker. but i am definatly gettting in shape wich is fun! i am loving madagascar. i am still not very good at the language. but i can get by. i hit my 6 month mark on a mission on friday! so i am a quarter way through. unless i extend for a year ;) we will see what my new president in july says about that. hahahha. maybe not a year. maybe just like 11 months. we will see. sos i love my area. i wouldnt mind being there for the rest of my mission. it is way in the mountains. and we work really hard for not many times or success but it just suites me. haha. i like it. hopefully i start to really progress in the language but i havent had a senior comp who is very expeirienced in it yet so we will see. i will jsut keep working hard. i can teach and answer questions and bear a strong testimony. that is what the lord has called me to do. haha. nothing more nothing less. just preach. its great. scared to come home though and actually make decisions..... hahahaha.

the story you shared with me about brother anderson is great. i love it. and if it is james i am extremely happy about it! haha. i know what a mission can do. it is an incredible blessing and learning expeirience. i dont think i spell that word right ever! haha. sounds like dad and emily had a good bonding trip down to olds as well! and i recieved the letters from lyndi and hesston and stuff and i will write back very soon! fa am'zao tsisy fotoana.... sorry. other than that nothing new here really. i havent gotten an email from dallin lately. it be nice to hear from him again! hahaha kinda blunt i know but write me boy!! lol. its not like i can rip the earings out myself im way over here in madagascara. aza mataoatra (dont be scared) hahaha

also. i did not know about brad mitch and west before all the emails today but i am so greatfull that they are alive and well and that god has preserved there lifes. (once again) hahaha but seriously i am just glad they are safe. i wouldnt want to see any of my family members die in such a tragic accident.

woooie i am tired right now!! work in the dona will do that to ya though. of you thought my legs were big before you should see them now! i got a couple tree trunks strapped to my hips! oh and thanks for all the pictures of the dear and stuff! i cant figure out how emily melted those spoons together though... and why is there so little snow!!!??? has the skidoo been out even once!? sad day we are coming to hahaha.

i cant really think of much more to talk about right now. oh ya!!! those packages! so i loved them once again and i forgot to mention the nuts and bolts because i was so focused last week on the struap waffels. if it is possible send be a receipe for straup waffels by the way! :D haha. and dont worry about the shoes. i may be able to get some custom made ones here for cheaper. but i would have to use a little personal fund. with the credit card. should i just pull a lot out at a time so that i dont pull little bits out alot and waste more money? dont know if that made sense but it did in my head hahaha

eniary love you all tons.

be fitiavana mandrakizay

elder bates!

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