Monday, February 20, 2012

February 20, 2012 - email

hey fam! how yall doin!? thinks here are good! its nice to here from all of you. im glad you are all having a blast! dont worry im not to kivy. trunky to come home. dont worry about me missing out on anything. haha you mentioned dad how much you think i have matured already since my mission but i still got a little of the old me in me dont worry bout that! ;) ahah. holy family reunion at our place this week. sounds like some fun! haha finally a little snow at our house holy cow! haha dang i miss the snow. snow is fun if you dont gotta shovel it right?? that saying works for some jobs. not for a farmer though i guess. no matter what way you look at it you cant make shoveling poop fun.....hahahaha 

Kasper looks like a stud in the picture with Mom! alot like Dallin in a suite when he was a kid. haha. but not as like a baby. Dallin wasnt that good looking as a baby hahahahha. sorry to say it dall but you know its true lol. so Dad you expect me to send you all these pictures then i get like 2 from you this week...... a little lop sided eh?? haha kidding. mostly.. lol. im sure the kokapelli choir sounded great! they always do. its a great choir. with lots of opportunities. and its a great way to show your talent. a singers dream really hahaha. i would have loved to be part of it.  maybe i still can be when i get home. 

and for the recard Dad my truck wasnt purple!!! it was definatly blue. maybe your eyes are goin in your old age but it was deffinatly blue hahaha. sad to see that thing go but it was probably for the best. concerning the safety of all else on the road anyways hahaha. its weird to me that Max is already home... it didnt feel like i went out that much after he did. i guess am already six months through but still haha. Ive got another 2 1/2 years to go right!?(for any who havent been reading, Riley has joked in the past that he is going to request to stay out an extra year...) hahaha so i found out who my new mission president is going to be. his name is Adams. lives in calafornia. haha. so does that mean that Bob and Fran know where they are going!? probably somewhere in Europe. haha. it will be exciting to know where. it is so exciting for me to see  others go out in the field. Austen will do great in Montreal and Jordan in Toronto. it is so cool to see others come serve the Lord. i love it! haha oh ya its been a pretty exciting week here! so on tuesday we had a cyclone! stuff got wrecked!! haha mostly just fences and corn fields and stuff but a ton of trees fell down and stuff. it was a mess here. we couldnt work all tuesday.we were under house arrest. then in the afternoon when the cyclone left we went out and did service. mostly just cut up trees in the road and rebuild fences. it was a good time! haha. malagasys dont work much but whe they absolutely have to they work quick! haha i was impressed. then wednesday we did splits so i was with a funny scottish man named Mclaughlin all day. then thursday we stayed and worked in antsirabe. then friday i hade some bad bowl issues so we did splits again. then saturday is baptism day. we didnt have any but we helped set up for it. then sunday i went to monandona. so i only road about 60 k this weekon the bike. but it felt good to finally ride for a while. then today we are going to go on a little hike. it will be fun. i love my area and the guys i live with. but that is more or less my life here. i love God and the work. the most satisfying thing. so full of joy. 

be fitiavana mandrakizay. 

elder bates

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