Monday, February 6, 2012

February 6, 2012

Hey fam!! How are you all!! I am doing great. We have rode a totall of 150 km on our bike this week. So I'm pretty tired but my leg muscles are huge and I'm getting nice and skinny hahahahahaha its harder to get skinny here in Antsirabe though cause the food is so dang good here. but its expensive so we stopped eating at the good restaurants haha. so I'm not sure but I think I forgot to write about the packages I got last week... hahaha so I'll tell you my favorite thing in there were the straup waffles. send those puppies everytime!!! lol then the mose jerky!! its already gone. it was delicious. all the candy is already lany (gone) I shared all that with the others in my house. but it was also delicious. i think the ants liked it just as much as we did hahahh. there are alot of ants in our house. along with other things.... the shoes Mom sent did not fit. just a little to tight hahaha. im a size 11-11.5 those were a 10.5. so it was a squeeze. so i might just give them away if they were not expensive. but if hey here I can maybe sell them to another missionary.everything else in there was awesome. i love the under armour shirt. I'm wearing it right now hahaha. and the shorts. and i beat all those mind puzzles but don't know how to set them back up again hahahhah. the football is way cool and so are the hockey sticks! just gota find someone to play it with hahaha. reminds me of home. i miss playin hockey!  but thats ok. the work here is so worth it. I have never foud anything more rewarding in my life then this work. to see people change to be closer to Jesus Christ. its the hardest thing i have ever done by far and I get way kivy and tired but then i see people fall in love with this gospel and it makes it all worth it. but the packages were awesome! dont know what to do withall those canadian souvaneirs but i will find something hahahahaha. 

So lets see this week was pretty good. we have started working a program than makes it so we can actually work more than 3 hours a day in our area. but it also means leaving early in the morning and I'm gunna be tired hahaha. but its all worth it. they keep telling us we are spposed to get a car for his area cause of the distance but those are still just fairytails wich is fine hahahah. who wants to make life easier. that would be just boring. cause no matter where you are or what your doing there will always be tough things in life. but when you handle those tribulations the way God expects you to. the way you know is right. then you find true joy and happiness . Then you find peace. If you feel your life is fine the way it is and dont need anthing different. then you do not know the true joy of this gospel. everybody should know the true joy found in this gospel. through our Saviour Jesus Christ and is everlasting atonement. that atonement makes it so that nobody can sink so low as to not return. there is no "point of no return" in life. Christ made that possible. this gospel and this plan is so simple. so purely true. It brakes my heart to hear of (a friend, who will not named)  and the consiquences that come from a life of living for the moment not for eternity. and I truely hope and pray that she will find joy some day. everybody deserves joy. life does not end after we die.we cant live like it does and nothing else matters. I know this gospel to be a true gospel. and I know that the only way for me to have this joy I feel now eternaly is through my Saviour Jesus Christ and that is the only way I will every be clean. I love you all with all my heart. mba mazoto. dont let the devil getcha down ahhahaha. 

be fitiavana mandrakizay

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