Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31, 2012

* Last week we all got to talk to Riley on the phone and hear his sweet voice. For those who don't know we are only able to call Riley twice a year, Christmas and Mother's Day, the rest of the year we are able to email and snail mail him as much as we like! So it was a treat to talk to him!

if it was as good for you to talk to me as it was for me to talk to you then i am sure it was pretty dang great hahaha. something i was definatly looking forward to for a long time. and now mothers day is only 5 months away and then 2 months after that i will be home! thats pretty crazy. time is definatly moving so fast. and that is so amazing that elder ganley found his way on a mission and is blessing the people with the gospel of jesus christ. and some elders skyped here as well but it wasnt working very well most of the time and a little difficult to set up so i figure it wont kill you all to wait till the airport to see my pretty face again hahaha. and i am sure it was pretty different to have a quite christmas for once. i hope the peace invited the spirit a little.
thanks for all those pictures!!! all the snow looks so delightful!! hahaha you think i am joking but there is a flow of running water down my back as i write hahaha. its HAUT! bevan does look as happy shoveling though as he did cutting up those delicious potatos.. i think i understand why. mmmmmm christmas dinner. haha and the pictures of dallin in those snow shoes are priceless. i think i will try and sell them here to the highest bidder on the black market.

i knew the engine in your truck would go sooner or later!! that thing has been going forever workin hard! how many kilos did it have on it when it seized?? and how much is the wrecker going to charge you for a new engine and instalation? and thats no good that the 97 is going as well... dont you love how things work out..... hahahah everything so conveniently seems to happen at once. but as long as your lookin on the market you light wann look a little for a nice somethin for me huh?? haha. my prefferences would be chevy, 350 engine with a 4 inch lift on the suspention. a 1994 or 93 would do just fine as long as its in good condition. dark shiny red. big bad tires. you know. the basics..... hahahahahahahaha just kidding! it doesnt have to be red.......

it is unfortunate to here about the way dallins leaving and things went about. its always better when things happen in a peaceful manner and not with anger and regret. but i do ernestly hope that he does find what he is looking for in this life. life i guess is kinda like a treasure hunt in that way. you can do it yourself and take a lot of time racking your brain on the hints and thigs.... or you can just follow the guy in front of you who does it better and faster hahahha. christ is the one in front of all of us and he willingly allows us to follow him. but doesnt force us. and i know that to be true. im glad lyndi got up there safe and got some time to spend with you and her friends from back home. has she left already or when does she leave? and you justhad to mention red robins huh??? hahahaha my mouth waters yet again. thats alright. i will make yall some mean rice and laoka when i get back home. then you will all see what its all about hahahaha.

i am doing great! in spite of the heats intent to melt me away i am standing hahah. we are trying really hard as always to find families who are ready and willing to come into the fold and we have been blessed recently with that. we found a man named edmond who is married and has a 5 year old son named simon. they are not rich by any means but not incredibly poor. he is a very nice man always with a smile on his face and so open to our teachings. very earnest in his speach. he talked to us one night on a path for about 2 minutes very breifly and i couldnt even see his face. but i asked if we could maybe stop by at his house and we could talk more and he then explained where his house was....... malagasy directions.. hahahah its a good thing i am used to getting directions from mom because miraculously we found the house and taught him about joseph smith and all about god and his ways. we then left him with the assignment to pray and find out for himself if it was true. our next time with him he was so incredibly happy. he said that the book we left with him. (a little panphelete) made more sense to him than anything he has read and that everything in it was true. we then invited him to prepare to be baptised in febuary through the authority of god and he didnt even have to thing about it. he said yes. god does know who is ready to find the fullness of the gospel and does make it possible for them. we just need to be an instrument in the hands of god. just as the prophet alma so humbly wished. and just as i wish. "that i might be an instument in the hands of god to bring some soul unto repentance. and this is my joy." i love that scripture. and i love you with all my heart. i am out here that i might bring blessings unto the children of god. and that i might bless my family now and to come.
be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates

1. we went to an orphanage christmas eve to play with the children. this little girls name is kevila. she was super cute

2.just me and all the ladies! ;)

3. they taught me how to dance

4. the baptism!

5. christmas party. i was in the choir. elder ludwig played the piano.

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