Tuesday, December 11, 2012

December 10, 2012

hey dad. 

haha ya we do now get some pretty nice houseing these days. all though i have seen my fair share of dirt and mold. my first 2 or three houses i lived in were pretty dang dirty. thats why i didnt send pictures. haha and all the other places here in mada are kinda gross. not even toilettes. but now a days they feel it is best for us to have good housing. especially in places poor like mada they really look after us. its nice. but we still end up getting sick every now and then lol. and your email came to me right as i was about to sign off of my account hahahah. it was pretty lucky and a blessing that it came. i was waiting for a while. i am glad you are at least coping with the snow even though there is alot of it. though its not just mom that is telling me you are having a hard time hahaha. thats alright. i know you can handle it. ill be back working next winter!!! haha i have 8 months now. i am 2/3rds done a mission. it feels so long and so short at the same time. there are only 3 more groups of elders to go home then its me. so mind blowing. its almost to soon!! hahaha

so if its alright with you all you will be calling me again on christmas even and not christmas day. my companion would preffer christmas day cause all his family will be there and i abluiged him. so call me at like 8 oclock pm over there then it will be 6 oclock here. i guess i can wake up a half hour earlier just for you all ;) and elder ludwigs mom might be emailing you asking about calling cards and stuff. i dont know if you guys use one but i figured you wouldnt mind talking to her anyways hahahaha. your the best. and the number you can call is xxxxxxxxxxxx. feel free to call to make sure it works. just call me after 8 oclock here. so like 10 there . thanks! and that should be all you need to know for christmas. 

i hope everything going on with grampi turns out to be just a normal side affect and he is fine. its good to see him out working already on the tractor. i am sure that makes things sooo much easier on them. especially living so far out with nobody to help them. 

i am sure mom is just dying from coughing. thats no fun. you guys should find your way to a beach somewhere!! hahaha maybe in a few years huh? and thats no good that dallins body clock is so messed up! workin shift work is about as fun as it sounds i would guess hahaha. and isnt it crazy that emily and i will be going to ysa ward together when i get home!! haha. little emily. she can set me up on dates :D lol 

so this week was a pretty good one. worked hard to find to ready people to learn and love the gospel. saturday was a youth talent show that worked out pretty good. mostly just a bunch of kids doing these group dances. we stopped in for a couple minutes to see a bunch of our investigators and saw a litle of it. and then this morning we got up nice and early and went and watched a sunrise on the meridian sea. it was pretty dang beautiful. i would send them to you but the computer wont let me. so itll have to wait till next week. but i we are working so hard here and its hard through the christmas season as everybody is drunk here. haha but we find those who truely have the christmas spirit and then we teach them of our savior. we have 2 baptisms planed for the 22nd of 2 teenagers who are so ready and great. the one boy is named lundri and he wants to be a missionary and the girl is called zania and she is all into young womens. they are great. i look forward to christmas and hearing all your vioces. i love you so much and cant wait to work with you again. but know that i am working hard here and doing my best for the lord and for you. 

be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates

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