Monday, August 27, 2012

August 27, 2012


yes i am now a trainer! and i love it. it is awesome. my new companion is Elder Ludwig from Saltlake City. he is way cool. a world calss organist. super smart. way nice guy. i love it. and he is way good at malagasy already wich is sweet. and the trip is 7 to 9 hours one way depending on the driver and the type of bus you take. though the distance is equivalent to edmonton to okatoks the rodes are so windy that it takes forever. but htats alright. cause imma wanna take some road trips when i get home and i have a feeling that no matter where i go it will be a cake walk. haha. so i guss i will start this email off with tellin you how i am and stuff. switch it up a bit. i am really good. the trip was fun and on the way back there were these 2 adorable twin girls i was playing with and making faces at the whole trip and then at the end of the trip they got really friendly and the one came over and sat right on my lap and started talking to me hahahah. it was pretty cute. they ended up finding out hat we had cameras and so we let them take a bunch of pictures and stuff wich they loved. they wer eabsolutely adorable. and then we got back to tamatave and started working. got some food from people wich i thought was pretty good. my companion however suffered a little hahaha. it was something called ravitoto. wich is just crushed up leaves un some liquid hahaha. i liked it. and he was polite and ate two plates of it so i was very impressed. ever since then we have been hard at work trying to help people the best we can. i move it. oh and in moms email she wrote me this week se talked about sacrifices and how i am making some to be on a mission. then she mentioned the incredible sacrifice that her parents made coming to canada and becoming members of the church. and ever since i started my mission i have not felt that i sacrifice alot but am constantly pondering on my ansestors and how much they have done for me. it is something that has weighed on my mind quite heavely since last year. i love reading church history books and constantly think and speak of moms parents and all they did and went through. and i wish to show my graditude for them and all others who sacrificed there whole lices for us and a better future. it is truly inspiring to me. and has really helped me to strengthen my testimony. currently i am reading a book called the history of joseph smith by his mother. it is incredible. 

sounds like you are all having a great time back at home at three gun shoots and going to the lake and just getting to relax. and it is true dad we really didnt help much at all with preparing the boat and things and the work was usuall on you. sorry. hahaa. but i am glad you can all find time to visit with family and rejoice together. i think what colter did with the coins was hilarious by the way. really made me laugh hard. colter really is a funny guy. especially when he says things like he is your favorite or he is the best liiking. thats areally fuuny thing. haha but i am excited to hear all about the new baby i love you all and thank you for you emails! oh! congradulations to emily for killing it in rugby and getting second! that is freakin awesome! and good luck in school.... deosnt that start soon? haha love ya! 

be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates

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