Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20, 2012


haha yup. i am pretty old now if i am the longest missionary out in the ward! haha it does jsut seem like yesderday that i was walkin through the mtc for the first time. its weird to think that was over a year ago. and now i have lived here in madagascar for over 10 months. crazy! haha life just keeps a movin on! 

sounds and looks like you guys have been having a good time up in canada the past few days! going to the lake fishing and just relaxin! haha. thanks for sending all those pictures! that was great! and dallin has gottin freakin skinny holy cow! he is skinnier than my! good for him haha. but in the prosess his hair has also gone missing. and i can bug him about it cause mine is starting to go as well..... yup. its getting pretty nifinify up there ... oh well. if he can look so good with out any hair just think about how good i will look. hahahah im just kidding. but seriously emily had never caught a fish before!? thats crazy! good for her for catching such a big one her first time out! hahaha. and it is a good thing you all went and got your fishing liesences before. that would have been a headache and a half if they had roled up and you didnt have one. 

hahah i am sure you are pretty happy that mom and emily got home monday and you get to eat stuff like roast beef and mashed potatos and everything.... i miss walking into the house sundays after church and just smell that roast cooking! dang that was a good smell haha. but now all i can imagine is having that on top of a big plate of rice! lol cause that would be incredible!!! lol and now you arent lonely anymore! so thats another bonus. and its good to here you got someone to work right now. i wasnt to worried. it all works out in the end. we are save by grace....... after all we can do haha. and i know that you do all that you can and more. 

so now for my week. not going to ly everything blurs together. haha this week was good however. my companion elder gunnel has been sick lately so we havent got as much work done as liked but in this country if your sick its best to get better instead of keep going. caue you just get sicker if you keep going. but there was a mormon helping hands project here in tamatave on saturday morning wich was cool. there was a way good turn out and we cleaned up a basketball court and made it all nice and clean.. that was all fun. god to bond with members and stuff. wich is mmuch needed. and we had a baptism of a twenty year old man named oscar. he is way solid. he showed up at church himself and just asked to learn and shared really strong testimony after his baptism. wich is awesome to see. also the rain has started a little. still not very bad but it has rained almost every day this week i think. so we have been getting a little wet. we were walking down a path one day when it was raining really hard so i was using my umbrella when we passed a frail old man about 80 huddled over his bike under a tree trying to keep his bag of rice dry. knowing that the rain wouldnt stop any time soon i stopped and asked the man if he needed help. he first said no but i insisted and said "lets go!!" and he gladly inclined. so i walked holding my umbrella over him will he pushed his bike and held the bag of rice on the frame. he was very greatfull because he lived quite far from where we met him and just as we got to his door the trecherous rain stopped. like someone it the rain switch and turned it off. haha he was extremely greatful and invited us in for some milk. all he could afford to give us. but i politely declined and told him to have a nice day. he was old and lived very far from the church. and we have been counciled not to teach people far from the church especially if they are old haha. but he gave me a big teethless smile and said thankyou and we went on our separate ways. and i am so greatfull for the opportunities i have been givin to serve my fellow men in this life and do as my savior jesus christ has done and still does today. we had another transfer this week and i get to train a brand new elder. i am very excited to train and know that i will learn so much. but it means i have to go to tanna on wednesday and then return to tomatave again on thrusday. its a 7 hour drive of a very windy road....... hahaha oh well i love the work and the lord!! 

be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates
**Also Riley would like to Wish Deanna a Happy Birthday this week!

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