Monday, August 13, 2012

August 13, 2012


how are yall doin!? yup thats right. i will never have another august 13th in this country.... thats really weird to think about..... i am scared for this time next year hahaha. its funny. i was scared and sceptical of a mission a year before i left and now a year before i come home i have the same feelsings. just about home. its interesting how that works. and i am glad you enjoy reading my letters! makes it worth writing them! hahah. and my companion is great. we get along way good. but the other 4 elders in the house have a hard time doing them. sometimes. and its really not a huge deal. i just do them. not a huge deal. 

hahaha i am sure you probably ate steaks and baked potatos every night! but thats fine you dont have to tell me. i will jsut continue my thoughts about you eating burnt grilled cheese and raw chicken.... hahahaha though i could go for a good steak right now.... its weird that theo is getting home already. good for him!  thats way cool! and i am sure his family is way excited! and the family is doing good! thats always great to here. i am sure it was nice to have leslie and brady up for a little bit. i got nannies letter! sounds like the storms up there have been pretty crazy! was it a big tree that fell on grampis truck or just a little one? that sucks that it broke a window. hahahahahahahaah that is way funny what you did to scare emily..... i bet she just about died! i mean, its a little weird that you are hangin out in girls bathrooms and stuff.. but we wont talk about that to much. so i though emily and mom were supposed to go though bc with natellie and stuff to get home. did they get re routed or something?? oh well. at least they are getting home! and i hoe they had a good time down in the usofa! and im sure you will find a new employee just in the nick of time! we just gotta have faith! 

i am doing really good. had a good week. my companion has beein a little under the weather so we havent got to work as much but we still got alot done. and i climped a tree.... thought i should follow in my dads footsteps haha. but i didnt go all the way to the top. dont worry. and i say that cool little tractor trailor think!!!! first something kike tthat i have ever seen here in madagascar!!! its way cool. and we had fun with the kids playing on it and stuff. we have a baptism this week of a 20 year old guy who just showed up to church 4 weeks ago and we started teaching him and he sings in choir and everything and it is all on his own doing. is is so interesting and joyfull to see that. the miricles of god and his blessings in our lifes. i hope and pray that we can all strive and work for those blessing. and that we will find our great reward once again in heaven. thanks for all your love and letters 

be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates

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