Monday, September 3, 2012

September 3, 2012

already september huh!? crazy. soon it will be christmas time and we will be speaking once again. things really are going by fast. and after that chrismas we will only talk once more and then 3 more months and i will be home! thats pretty weird to think about. it feels like just a few weeks ago i was sweating away in a little brick box in utah...... now i have been here in madagascar for 11 months. its definatly been an experience. hahah. who did aimee orr get married to? thats way cool. didnt nathan orr just graduate this past year as well?? thats way weird. why the heck isnt he working for you!? that guy is solid! haha but he is probably already in school again till his mission huh? 

welcome to the family little elsa jacoba hamon!! haha it brings so much joy to my heart to hear that she has been born and is healthy! i always tell peole here when they havea new born child that it is like having an angel in your home. because they are still so incredibly close to god and our heavenly father. not tainted by the world and all its downfalls. they really do bring such and incredible spirit to them. and so many blessings. i am excited for the time when i can have that same blessing and experience. of bringing something so precious in the eyes of god into this world. and i am excited to meet both elsa and madison when i get home. i hear madison is walking now! thats crazy. 

its good that you are finding some employees. its unfortunate that he smokes. especially for his sake. those things are discusting. i dont understand them whatsoever. you cant justify them. it is in complete ignorance that someone would start smoking. complete lack of care for life and god. alcahol as well. it destroys everything we live for. and everything god gave us to be successfull. and i hope that anybody who reads this would take it with an open mind and not as an attack on them. but as a humble plea to stop. cause i know this go's on my blog. and where the heck is gordan when you need him huh!? hahhaa hes probabmy up in northern saskatchewan loving life and shootin stuff hahaha. 

haha ya the hot days have started back up here. i am sweating like a dog! haha. but hey. ambany lanitra tsy maintsy lena. wich means it must be wet under heaven. haha i am prayin for rain! wich comes in abundence here. its always wet. 

that was way nice of lamberts to invite you all for dinner! are you guys gunna go huntin again up in fox creek. i would love to do that when i get back home. just sayin haha. i would also like to go horse back up at ram falls again for a while. i freakin loved that haha. but i really need to just work or go to school when i get home. haha so i  know that you havent had any male influence in the house for a long time now dad but useually we dont say things like "in your face sista..." hahahhahaah i love you! 

so i am doing very well here in madagascar. i definatly cant complain. i love it all. training is an incredible experience teaching me so very much. my companion elder ludwig is an amazing person. and very good at malagasy.  we are having a great time together and have been very blessed with some very spiritual experiences. there is no better feeling or experience than to see someone so against hearing us change in the amount of one hour to telling us that they believe there is a prophet today and that there is something weighing very heavy on there brain. it is conversion to the the truth through the light of chirst and i have the privalage and blessing of wittnessing it time and time again. there is nothing better on this earth. 

be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates 

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