Wednesday, November 9, 2011

November 7, 2011

Subject: hola. oops wrong language haha

hey family! how are ya!? so im sorry if last week was a small letter... i sent a bigger one with pictures but aparently it didnt go through? kinda really frustrated about that. thats madagascar for you though.... sorry ill try and send them again. so i know that i have a couple dear elders at the office but we dont go there till the afternoon so i cant reply to them yet... but i know they are there and i will reply to them next week. so ive told you exactly where i live haha it in talatamaty. i dont know my adress. nobody in this country does... the house we live in is very nice. the church rents nice houses for all the missionaries. its got a douple shower and stuff but its not that big. compared to a malagasy house its huge. lol i work in ambohimanarina. its about 20 km from our house so we take taxi bes all the time which sucks because i dont fit in any of the seats hahaha. a taxi be is like a jumbo van that they put 10 or so benches in and pile about 50 people into. its an advendure. ha. just look up a taxi be on google. when at home i eat sedaap. its itchy ban essentually haha. or canned peaches and oatmeal....; they dont give us much money to work with haha. then when we have dinner apointment. which isnt usually that offten. we eat rice and loke. loke is the stuff you put on the rice. there is some really good ones. the power jsut went out. no suprize though it happens everyday. we were lucky though cause today it only lasted 10 minutes. usually im studying by candle light at night. so back to the loke. my favorite is vanjimbory it translates into round peanut but its a bean. its only here in mada and its delicous.

 EMILY  HAPPY FREAKIN BIRHTDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! cant get you a present this year but ill make up for it! haha. you will knock them dead on the drivers test today. just dont be nervous! especially since you are taking it in veg lol. dont be goin out all crazy just cause your sixteen though... hahahaha you already got enough crazy in you. you are all still sleeping right now wich i think is funny but here it is the 7th. emilys birthday. shes s16 wich is nuts. is she gunna drive around in my truck? hahaha everyody will hear her coming. thats for sure. take care of the big blue piece of rust for me! i do like that thing haha. 

so the work here is goin alright. its kinda tough and its starting to get really hot and i sweat 24/7 litterally but ill live. so far we have one baptism for this saturday. wich is exciting because she is definatly ready. she is very excited. and her husband just started learning with us as well which is amazing! haha father led families are where its at. seriously.  we need the preisthood in this country. her name is louise and she is about 37 i think. definatly an awesome person. im very excited for her. we are starting to find a lot of people to teach however. its fun but stressfull at the same time. i think i told you that usually people let you in there door once out of courtesy then the next time they tell you not to come back. but we tracked into this one guy his name is pascel (haha people have some funny names here) who we invited to come to churh and he actually came after only the first lesson!! that is like a fanomina. sorry my spelling sucks. but that was awesome. coming up on wednesday i will have been in country about a month. it doesnt feel like that though. it feels like a year and it feels like a day at the same time... i wake up in the morning sometimes and think that i can just get in a car and drive for a couple hours and be home. thats a weird feeling. the days blend together so much its hard for me to remember what happened in the week. but  i did slip and fall in some mud.... haha it rains every day here and we get pretty wet. my companion really did fall into a rice patty. he was covered in mud yesterday. but it was right by louises house and she washed him off hahahaha. it was quite comical.

lets see so thats 2 moose this year. hahaha of course the 1st year im gone. thats alright though. send me pictures! haha thats definatly a funny storyy though. i cant believe you shot the think so many times and it still wouldnt drop. i can just imagine colter yelling from the bush its gunna charge me!!!! its gunna charge me!!!! hahahahahaha then he comes busting out of hte bush with an angry moose on his tale lol. thats awesome though. i agree he should get a bullet belt. good idea kelly.  i got a picture of madysen and dallin. the kid looks like a mountain man..... madysen not dallin hahahah but seriously i didnt think an 18 year old could have such a big beard. its kinda impressive haha. he looks like a huderite.... im gunna write a book called my brother the huderite hahaha itll be famous.seriously though hes even got the wings on the side of his slitely balding head haha hes a huderite.  madysen is very cute however. welcome to the family!! 

so the pictures arent sending. i keep getting this email that says theres a problem with dads email that it wont recieve them; i have no idea. im just gunna get them all put on a cd and send it home to you. sorry!

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