Monday, November 14, 2011

November 14, 2011

Subject: another week in the heat!

hello hello hello inona no vao vao haha so this week has been really decent.lots of hard work and fun. and first things first. we did eat the spiders.they were juicy and pretty bitter. crunchy to. like when you bit into it yougot an explosion of this goo in your mouth. thats the juicy part. the legswhere the crunchy part. they were like toothpicks and a half. not even mybig chompers could handle them... so really if you like a variaty of texturein you snack then cook up some giant spiders in some oil and a littletomato. i would play around with the recipe cause it needed a littletweeking. maybe some paprika,a little spice would have been nice haha. tryit some time i dare you. after the third time it got easier to down. i got dear elders this past week!! woo hoo! haha those were nice to get.i got 2 from mom and 2 from dad and then 1 from emj and 1 from sister hoy.maybe a couple other people but my mind is drawing a blank right now. solets see what went on this week. well for starters they are doingrenovations on the house we are in so the walls have all been painted and wehad some fun with the workers cause they were all RM's so we played somejokes on them. i am my fathers son ; ) haha its pretty dang hot here. i dontknow the exact temp because i have yet to see a thermometer in this countrybut i sweat 24/7 lol litterally if i had to guess an average temp it isprobably like 35-40 C on a normal day but even malagasy's have been sayingthat it is unusually hot for tana so its like  45 or something im sure. butim not tanning that much cause of the doxxyciclene we take for malaria. itmakes your skin funny. but it also clears up zits wich is a bonus. haha. sohave you found where im livin yet? i think the only way your gunna find itis by typing it in on google maps. where i live is talatamaty. thats thearea. where i work is ambohimanarina its outside of the capital city ofantananarivo. it takes us about an hour on taxi be to get to the office butwe go there every p day hahaha. cause thats where the mail gos. so send melots!!!!! :D haha. its just nice to get something ya know? but i am very faraway and its understanable for sure if you guys for get about me from timeto time................. NOT haha but all joking aside i do understand.mbola manana be fitiavana mandrakizay ho ianareo aho hahaha.(i still loveyall a ton for ever and ever) i know its a mouth full aint it.

so i missed hunting season so much i went out and bought a camo hat....hahaha its a sweet one and i where in on the occasional p day. still haventgotten any pictures of those moose by the by.... hahaha my mouth is wateringjust talking about it. what i wouldnt give for some nice tender moose meat.or any kind of meat other than a sliver of pork with 2 inches of fat on thetop then the skin still attached... so when it goes down the pig hair givesyour tounge a nice little scratch.... that is a favorite to feedmissionaries here cause its the best thing they got here. haha but they dohave some good laoka. laoka is what tops the rice. like when mom makes thatrice and ananas (pinnaple) stuff the ananas is the laoka. its pronouncedloke. like vanjambory. deliciouce. or this coleslaw type stuff is good. orsome cucumber stuff is good. or this shredded veggie stuff with this goodsauce. i love rice right now by the way. it is soooo goood with the rightloaka and it fills you up more than anything else in this country haha. butwe dont make it for our self because we dont have time to cook like thatusually so its oatmeal and peaches or egg on toast hahaha. which does notfill you up....... oh well! you gotta love the mission. i am feeling so weakthough haha. cause we dont physically work out and we just walk all over allthese hills so im loosing a ton of muscle... its sad and i got sick of itand so we are starting a work out program tomorrow. i hope it works out. ohya! i took out some personal fund for the makings of a guitar. we are goingto look into it today. imma get one custom made for about 200 bucks. i hopethats alright hahaha. but if your woundering why thats the antony(reason)

holy cow so emily is driving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha i knew shewould pass shes a stud. it would be weirder i think if i was at home viewingit for myself but im not so its kinda not that weird haha until i use myimagination and pretent that im there... then its weird! lol but im happyfor her! dont be going to crazy kid! ha. not gunna lie im missing the snow.i can just picture dallin and emily going snowboarding or getting the skidooout for the first time.... you dont think the heat would get boring but itdoes...... its great for vaccations but when your hiking around all day in ashirt and tie and slacks with a backpack on its getts old quick. i dont knowif i mentioned this yet but malagasy people are very very blunt about somethings hahaha so they mention to me how i sweat all the time and they dontunderstand that its just from the heat and they think im out of shape causethey think all people are like them...... no joke haha. so when i have zitson my face they point it out and say something i still dont understand, andthey give missionaries nicknames here and my nickname is elder bota.... botameans fat or chubby... hahahaha so they call me fat. but even strangers callme fat. especially little kids. its not a big deal. or they tell you yournot good at malagasy hahaha wich is funny cause i just tell them to try andspeak english and they cant and the dont have much else to say. definatlysome fun times.

hows blaine doin!?? i didnt get an email from him this week cause hes homenow. i hope hes adjusting alright! send him my love for sure! all hes gottado is stay active and the rest will pan out. we have a dieing missionary inour house who leaves on thursday. he is definatly ready to go home but ihave grown to love him alot. the andersons actually know him pretty good.his name is elder goff. or flow haha. he is way cool. but way scared to gohome. he doesnt have much at home cause both of his parents have alreadypassed away and he feels like all his friends are out on missions. but hewill be alright haha. hes got a strong heart. hes just gotta stay true tohis beliefs when he gets home.

oh ya! so i baptised a couple old ladies on saturday. hahahaha it was funny.they arent my investigators but they didnt trust elder walker who is eldergoffs companion because he is really small. so they asked me to do it. causeaparrently i am big? whoda thunk..... hahahaha but the first one was a bebe(grandma) and she did not go under for the life of her so i had to do it acouple times but shes clean now hahahaha the second one was a mother who isabout 45 and she went down but didnt seem to want to come up again...... ihade to lift her right out of the water. like her feet were off the ground.then as she was getting out of the faunt she bathed herself in the waterjust to make sure we didnt miss anything haha. malagasy's are funny people.i love them. and elder wilson, my companion baptised our investigatorlouise. she is so excited. she wanted me to give her the holy ghost but idefinatly am not mahay(good) enough yet so it didnt happen. our branchpresident did it. it was fun none the less.

right now it is 12 at night here... i think that is so funny. what are yalldreamin about?? haha last night i didnt dream. not that i remember anyways.haha did yall hear about spencers hoys call to bulgaria!? that is insane!the guy is gunna be a stud for sure. im way excited for him. he you shouldget dallin to contanct jordan hardick for me and get him to send me an emailtellin me whats goin on in his life haha. or dear elder or somethin! haha heshould have his papers on already and im way curious. kyle kristienson aswell. id like to here from both of them!!!!! just a thought though lol. okeniary tsy maintsy mangata-dalana aho(i gotta ask for a path hahaha) its thepolite way to say gotta go. then they respond by pointing at the door andsaying theres your path hahaha. fun fun fun. i love you all a ton! and youare all always in my thoughts and prayers. take care back at home! dont haveto much fun in the snow haha. veloma

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