Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

so lets see what i can tell yall about this week. monday was good. i went to the guitar guy and mine should be done in a week from today!! haha so im pretty excited about that!! tuesday we teached some people. just our regular investigators... we having had much luck at finding lately. buht we are still workin hard! wednesday was the same as tuesday. teachin the gospel. our investigators right now are all iao iao iany which means like on the fence. which can be a little discouraging. but all we can do is our best and look for the grace of god to make up the rest. if your still looking for a scripture to put on my plaque i would like you to but alma 29;9. its my favorite. 

so ill send yall some more pictures tis week but wednesday i fell through our resent convert louises stairs. ya like all of them.... hahaha its funny now but at the time it made me a little home sick. because i have now broken a chair and well a set of stairs and it just made me feel to big for this country haha. which i am but thats alright. i am lasa kely vety vety. (becoming small quickly) haha im trying to learn the language as best i can but when i have a trainer who is so new it leaves me to kinda learn things on my own which is incredably dificult. but i am striving. thursday was the american thanksgiving so my companion decided to take the day off and cook a meal. which ment killing plucking and gutting a turkey then cooking it. which was fine i guess. he has been in a slump lately so i just want him to be happy. once he is happy we can start working hard again. cause if theres issues the work doesnt go very well no matter what. so we killed this little turkey and i cooked it. mom would be impressed hahaha. it looks decent from the picture anyways ;). it didnt taste that bad either. so that was thursday. then friday we had interviews with president. my first one in the mission and i loved it. president donnely is one of the most inspired men ive met. there is no doubt that he is a servent of god. and he hinted that i may get transfered sooner or later so thats kinda exciting if i do get transfered. i want the beach hahaha. then saturday i went out to ankazobe. i dont know how far it actually is but going there it takes about three hours cause we have to take a taxi be south into tana then buy tickets to ankazobe then wait about an hour for the bus to leave and then we go right back where we came from north to ankazobe haha. so the drive is about 2 hours tottal really. and thats on taxi be not a taxi brusse. so my legs dont fit inbetween the seats at all hahaha no lie. so thats an interesting ride. then we got there at around noon and went to the group leaders house. there are only about 30 members in ankazobe.... i baptized a little girl in this canal haha. that was a cool experience. went and taught a couple tiles then went tot the hotel. ankazo be is very hard to work. its about as big as bow island if not smaller and everyone is prodastent. story of my life hahahaha. gotta love it though. sunday we went to church there and taught a couple people. then the group leader fed us rice and laoka and we took a bus home. got home at about 6. it was a long weekend haha. and now its today and i get to email yall. i send robyn and beven both a letter so they should be getting that in a couple weeks at mom and dads house. 

so does mom have christmas music playing yet??? haha it seems like christmas is coming so quickly. im way excited to talk to all of you. see how things are going at home. should be fun. the way it works is that i give you my phone number here and you call me at a certain time. cause getting credit here for phones is rediculous. ill let you know more about that in a couple weeks. the mission seems to be going by fast until i think about it hahaha. oh ya and president asked me to sing at the office christmas party. so just for the APs the elder missionaries and president and his wife and his councilers. that should be cool. i have no idea what i will do though haha. i'll figure somethin out though. it does mean that i get fed a goooooooooood dinner from sister donnely haha. she was in the catering business. she cooks good food. not as good as moms though. ive been missin that sunday dinner lately haha. you dont realize what youve got till its gone! i love you all with all my heart. tell colter to be carefull if he does end up having to go fight fires. your all in my prayers. 

be fitiavana mandrakizay

elder bates

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