Monday, November 21, 2011

November 21, 2011

hallo hallo hallo!(supossed to be british) haha how are yallz doin???? i missed you guys a ton this week! but thats alright. cause i dont miss you right now............ hahahah kidding but im so glad to hear goff is alright. i hope the anderson family takes care of him! :D lol thats way cool that nannie and grumpy oh i mean grampy got to talk to a rm from mada! it makes sense that he recognizes the house its one of the oldest in the missions. they are acctually talking about getting rid of it haha. way fun. and dallin sent me an email telling me all about his trip without mommy and daddy hahaha that sounded like an absolute blast! i got pictures from lyndi and i will attempt to send a few pictures today. i didnt take many this week. but i will send one to prove that i ate the spiders.... it would have been rude not to haha.  

so first if through this email i am sending singing robyn happy birthday in whatever accent she wants!!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! but shes gunna have to use her imagination for her gift hahahaha. but i misss her tons and i also give her a huge sloppy kiss on the cheek. i expect bevan to pass that along for me! im sorry but your gunna have to remind me how old you are robyn cause the hair is grey but to me your still my 18 year old big sister driving around in a honda sprint.... haha. 

woo hoo for the first snow storm of the year!!! not gunna lie i really do miss it. i wanna take the skido for a rip right now or go snowboarding with dallin in the mountains..... but i think ill just sweat it out here.... lol not like i have much of a choice. its weird though. somethimes i feel like i can get in a car and drive for a few hours and be home.... dont ask me why cause i dont know haha. sounds like yall are hard at work though! i have a feeling some people may be thinking it good for dad to get some more employees....especially with capital region. i would agree with them cause thats usually always the case haha. is gordan around again this winter? im sure he'd love some moose.... i know i would lol. im sure dallin will get up earlier and quicker eventually..... if you pray really really hard hahahaha. 

so lets see i guess ill tell you a funny story i already shared with dallin.... but first you must understand something...... wez dont eat much here and its usually not very healthy food so our bowels dont like us very much. i havent been solid since a week in country actually. to much info? to bad hahaha so we were working in ambohiboa which is a little closer to our home and i had a situation. however close to our home i was i wasnt going to make it. so i used a ditch. luckly i was prepared with toilet paper. the funniest part is though that i didnt realize this ditch was also a walking path. that is until a man walked passed me. now you think he would be discusted or walk by quickly but not in mada. its a very normal think to see people using nature as there restroom. so he told me to enjoy and i thanked him hahahaha. welcome to madagascar. i hope you enjoyed that story. i know lyndi probably did. hahaha

now to answer my some questions. the building we meet in is a church rented building. it has a plaque and all. but it is very small. it doesnt look small from the street but our branch has about 110 active members and its not enough room. and i really dont mind emails. its nice to get them as well. and i get to reply to them as soon as i read them cause we email in the morning. then we go into the office and get our mail so i cant reply to them until the next week. but i still like getting those haha. we email at a cyber cafe about 3 minutes from our house. the internet is actually very good when the power is on. but usually the power gos out at least once haha. i am able to print off thing and read them if i like. it cost money but thats fine. im out of my alotment at the moment but i will get more in 10 days. i starve till then though hahaha. there is a baptismal font in the mandroso ivato chapel. so when we have baptisms in ambohiboa or ambohimanarina then we do them there. but we also have an area called ankazo be in our area so once of us goes out there every weekend. its my turn next weekend. and will be baptising a little boy in the river. and yes dad talatamaty is by the airport somewhere hahaha. i dont know which direction though. my bearings are all screwy here cause i havent seen a compass. sounds like you got it right though. and the office is like right in the middle of tana. by the mouselee. you can see the locations of some of the church buildings and the office building if you go to and go to the church building locations map and look at madagascar. so that is all i can think of to tell yallz this week. i miss you all to bits!! hahah seriously though

be fitiavana mandrakizay
Elder R.H Bates

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