Tuesday, September 20, 2011

September 20, 2011

hey! its me again. so ive gotten a few dear elders wich were very nice. i cant believe colter and his pregnant wife! got 15 yards from a grizzly! thats pretty freakin awesome. and did he get any pictures of the elk? one of my district members said that when he gets home he wants to go up to canada and go elk hunting haha. i told him we hunt with a bow so he said he would come up a week earlier to learn how to shoot a bow hahahahah. i told him it was a deal but, i just wanna see him try and shoot a bow. lol. so its my 6th week here. soon im gunna have to ask you all to stop sending me hand writen letters. its still ok for now but if you sent them next week im not sure if they will get to me before i ship off to madagascar. im so ready to go its crazy. i know im going to know next to nothing about the language when i get there but i dont even care. its going to be so much easier to focus on my mission while im in mada. and i know that if i work hard there the lord will bless me so that i will have the ability to bless his childrem. sorry i dont send more hand writen stuff but i just dont like how long the mail takes to get there. i will send more though in the next couple weeks. we get our flight plans either this week or next, probably next but its still pretty exciting. something interesting happening here is that my companion is having really bad back problems. he didnt want to go to the doctor but i convinced him because there is no way he would be able to serve in mada for 2 years with a bad back. its all hiking and mountains. so we spent about 4 hours at the docs yesterday and now we have to wait to see a specialist and such. and you know what that means?? i get to go on a field trip!!! i get to get out of the concentration camp for a while hahaha. seriously it feels like the mtc is my world at the moment. just a square mile compound where i am confined to hahaha. im starting to forget things about the outside world. 8() its weird being in here. but i know its for a good purpose. the food is decent but its the same thing and then sometimes it makes you sick and there mashed potatos are just potato flakes. moms potatos are way better. and there pie tastes nothing like lyndis pie, and there steak is not steak. its just a hunk of cooked roast. but if you close your eyes and picture your favorite food....... its still taste bland hahah. but i shouldnt complain, ive learned so much here. oh! and really dont be suprised if i come back like a bean pole. its going to happen. which is awesome. the belts we bought at the missionary mall are already starting to fall apart. if its not to inconvinient for you to find some quality ones and send them to me i would apreciate it very much and if you would include in that package some duct tape and stuff. not a ton of candy though cause i got a ton from aunt booboo wich i am very thankful for! the package she sent me was awesome.

so i sent lyndi some hand writen letters like 2 weeks ago and i dont think she got them wich is unfortunate but i did get her dear elder wich was very nice. kasper sounds like a stud. hes seriously going to be the coolest kid. and if i could tell her one thing its that kids will get hurt. probably not as much as we got hurt as kids just cause we were crazy... but god will protect them, especialy when the testimony of the parent is so strong. seriously i think thats the only reason none of us are dead... hahaha. how are things going back at home? dallin got his licence back and driving like a old grandma? haha. hows school going for emily? is she staying strong? highschool can be horrible some days and then awesome others. i just hope she makes them more awesome. stay possitive! stay with the lord! :). i dont know how much more there is to tell you... everything here is the same. we spent about 10-12 hours in a 10 by 10 brick room staring at a chalk bored... thats probably the worst part. we get so antsy in that room. its pretty funny the things we do to entertain ourselfs when things just get to stressfull. i fit 41 origionaly double bubbles in my mouth. elder schiefert fit 40. i won! haha dont judge me. i really am trying to stay focused. you would thing the mtc would be the easiest place to focus but i say its one of the hardest. for many many missionaries. but i will keep working hard and keep you all in my prayers. thank you for your love and prayers for me. always strive to read and to learn more about our god and his son jesus christ. its is incredible how much there is for us to constantly learn. the lord will bless us all if we are willing, truely willing to recieve them. the lord does nothing until we have faith. its the first principle of the gospel. after faith, all else follows. continually build your faith and your testimony will be stengthened 20 fold. even more if you allow it.

tiako ianareo
elder riley h bates

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