Monday, February 4, 2013

February 4, 2013

hey dad

well. febuary it is. you know what that means. i hit my what they call your chick mission this week.. on sunday actually. i will be done the amount of time a sister missionary serves. that means all those sisters i new back in the mtc are done. this week. flyin home. from all over the world. good work sisters. you made the lord proud. haha. and then its 6 more months to the finish line for me. how crazy is that. i am done 3/4 of the mission. so you know how a caramilk bar has 8 pieces on a bar. ya i have eaten six of them and only have two left. buy a caramilk bar for me and eat six of the pieces and tell me if those 2 left feel like a lot. cause thats how im feelin right now. haha

honore and lydia came to church again this sunday. i am not sure right now what happened with there rent but they seem unshaken by it all. they are just trying to servive and they know that we servive through the lord.

matthew sounds like a great guy. i guess i met him one or something cause lyndi told me we are friends on facebook but i wont lie i dont remember.... haha so sorry matt if you remember me. i hope he does start working for you and things. that would be great for him. its crazy how he contacted lesie and stuff. thats way cool.and now he has found his way to you wich might verywell be his best way to get on a mission. how old is he? when did he get baptised?

hahah woo hooo for being a tote owner!!!!!! do i get to keep the totes when i come to clame my baggage?? and what are my mounts doin all tucked away in a safe place!? put em up! i mean even if you tell them they are yours...... they aint doin no good tucked away in the storage room or in the garage or in the attic..... hahahhaha speaking of mustard. ( by the way that is the way mom said it in her email to me last week. i was just repeating her...) they dont have any mustard here. they have french dejoun mustard but that isnt the same. its got a wierd paint taste to it at the end. mmmmm mustard on a hot dog. 

so i told my comp how cold it gets at our house and his eyes kinda went. POP! he cant even imagine minus 42 in his head. the coldest it got in antsirabe while i was there last june in the coldest part of year here and antsirabe is the coldest place in mada was plus 14 degrees. and that was at 12 at night. soooooo. hahhahah i am sorrry its soo bitter cold there. that sucks. thats way cold. im glad to be here!!!! hahaha

so my week was full of work and goodness. nothing special really. trying to help people realize there relationship with god is more than just imaginary. it is so easy to think of fait has an imaginary thing that just helps us get throug hlife. it is easy to talk about god and say you believe but to actually show it and know it is an amazing thing that taks so much time and practice. i work towards knowing god in a deeper sense every day. it involes not only reading and praying. so much is contexted into it that we must do every day. pondering. one ward that seems sooo easy. "oh just think about god for a little" then you try and you realize how fast your mind wanders. i had a great experience yesterday where we were walking home later at night 830 ish and a boy walked up to us. 20 years old. and he was slightly intoxicated. not overly drunk but you could smell the alcahol on him. he was lost. he had been with his friends walking around and they ended up on the other side of town and he was not fermiluar with that side of town then his friends ditched him and took his cell phone. he came up to us in somewhat of a panic. he had nooooo idea where is was. the other 2 men we were walking with paid no attention to him and kept walking. me and my companion however stopped to listen. then we started to walk him home. we walked him about half way trying to find a taxi to take him but not getting one. then we finally got one to stop for us and we sent him off. he was extremely greatful and said he would go to church. then waking back it was abot 910 and we needed to find a ride home or we would be late. so we started walking in the direction of the house. and it started to rain. hard. hahah and my companion looks over at me and says. i guess this is what we get for doing service. we both laughed and kept walking. then about 30 seconds later a car stopped and offered to take us home. this is the lord in our lives this day. helping and loving eachother. such a little thing cause me and my companion to find great joy in the lord that night. it truely is the little things in life that make a difference. i love you and the family so much!

be fitiavana mandrakizay
elder bates

1. this is me in ambohimanambola. amazing view

2.a little boy playing with a toy truck his dad made for him. and joel. he is like 5 years old and hust a recking ball of energy. he jumped into my backpack and said he was coming with me

4.and then he put on my tag and backpack and desided he was me

5. imma workin on  the railroad

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